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Family Guy - Joe's Legs
In the episode where Brian becomes a police dog, he and Joe go to a church to bust a group of crack peddling midgets. When the midgets attack Joe, who is supposedly paralysed from the waist down, he kicks one of them away. How do you do that without use of your legs?
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It's your call
It's your call
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Contributed By: ogbogian on 08-20-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Fang writes:
No, Joe doesn't 'kick' one of them away. He uses his arms to lift the end of the wheel chair up and smack one of them with his dead legs. He doesn't actually use his legs, so this isn't a slip-up at all. Watch it again.
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b-baller 092 writes:
Ummm..actually're wrong. See...I know he lifts himself up (I agree with that). You know how he has no feeling from the waist down...well...he lifted himself up. Then...if he was truely paralyzed, his legs would have just fallen straight down and been completely limp. If you watch it, he lifts himself up with his arms and then sticks his legs straight out toward the midget. Again...if he was truely paralyzed, his legs would have stuck straight down-limp. Since he stuck them out straight, he obviously had some muscles in his legs and waist in order to lift his legs and bend his waist! Therefore Fang...this IS a slip-up.
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SPORT writes:
FAng he's right Joe did pick one up and yes he hurt one with his arms but he never would have been able to push his legs up if they were paralyzed. E-mail me if ya have any questions. -SPORT
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Nevrmore writes:
Joe didn't actually use his legs. He quickly turned his wheelchair, causing his limp leg to swing outward and smack one of the midgets in the face. It wasn't Joe's doing, it was inertia's.
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Lynsay writes:
I disagree with that this was a slip up. Just because you’re a paraplegic doesn’t mean your legs go limp…trust me, I know. I myself am a paraplegic and am paralyzed from the waist down and my legs don’t go completely limp when I lift myself up. Some paraplegics have involuntary motion in their legs, which ironically, they can semi control…which I can. Also, when you pop a wheelie really quick and turn at the same time, it does look like a kick…My friends find this fairly amusing. All and all, this isn’t a “slip up.” And yes, I do use my strong upper body strength to make up for my legs…lol
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animalsciences writes:
Joe tips back in his chair using his arms. Thus causing his legs to fly and kick away a midget. This occurs at 8 minutes and 22 seconds in the episode "The Thin White Line".
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Gaara writes:
Joe can actually be seen in quite a few episodes STANDING UP
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