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Matrix, The - 3 Slipups in 10 Seconds
Fast forward to about 16m 20s into the movie. Neo is climbing out onto the ledge.
Freeze the action when Neo is just about to grab on to the pillar. Slow mo or frame advance thru the subsequent sequence.
Neo looks down - notice there is traffic on both the street below and the one to the left. (george St)
shot returns to Neo
Neo drops the phone. As the phone drops, notice that there is some sort of parade going on in the street to the left.
shot returns to Neo
Neo looks down again ... the parade has gone !
Also, the phone drops at a completely different time of day compared to the before and after shot -- check out the shadows (explains the disappearing parade I guess)
AND, Why is the traffic on the street below going the wrong way ??? (Note the arrows on the road), yet the traffic on George St is going the right (in Sydney) way ... (perhaps something to do with the parade ?)
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Special Requirements: DVD/Video - freeze frame/slow motion replay
Contributed By: The J Man on 01-15-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Pah writes:
I don't see why some of you think we are seeing Neos perspective. This is a slip up - the shots were obviously taken at different times of the day and possibly even in different locations. you're not supposed to be thinking "oh look the traffic is going in different directions and there was a parade there a second ago" You're supposed to be thinking "Holy Sh*t that's high"
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dingo writes:
The traffic is going the wrong way compared to the arrows because it is filmed in Australia (where they drive on the left) but made to look like America where they drive on the wrong.
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dj_heffalump writes:
I just want to talk about the phone falling. Everyone says 'This is from Neo's perspective', yada yada yada. . . . I'm not saying that's wrong, but this is a very popular effect nowadays. Maybe it's just meant to look good. what the phone does, is start to fall, and then go into slo-mo, then into faster-than-life motion, and then back to normal speed. 2 more times this happens in the Matrix: 1) Trinity jump-kicks the guy at the beginning. Trinity jumps, time SLOWS DOWN, (the camera spins,) time speeds up FASTER THAN NORMAL, and then back to normal after she kicks the guy practically through the wall. 2) Trinity running up the wall in the lobby scene: she runs in slow mo, then starts to flip/cartwheel through the air in SLO MO, and then speeds up FASTER THAN NORMAL as she lands, and then back to normal speed. This effect has also been used in many other movies, like Charlie's Angels. (Although usually for action, not phones falling.) COME ON, everyone. Sometimes, the effects are to look cool, and NOTHING ELSE. (I have strong convictions on this subject: Matrix is my all-time fave movie!)
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IGotOne writes:
And..... you don't think thay did that on PURPOSE? Think about it, just for one sec.... the hole move is made up to make you think something is not right "like when thay are going to the orical the out side of the car is going faster than the inside" THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE
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the_peppermint_ninja writes:
When the time slows down, when Trinity jumps up, and when the agent guy is shooting Neo on the roof and then in the subway, it's not to be REALLY slowing down, it's to look cool. The phone slowing down is so you can see what's going on, because it's not meant to be a blink-and-you'll-miss-it thing, even though its a b-a-y-m-i film. The different time of day thing is a slip up. There is no stupid reasoning for it, like perpective or perception... it's a slipup. Dat's what I think.
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Zach P. writes:
Anything can happen in the matrix!
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Cheekio writes:
Alright, I been thinkin, and this is the only REAL slip-up I've seen posted. The only explination is that Neo is completely freaked by the height, almost like a panic attack. That's why the phone appears to slow down when it falls, because his perspective shows it was such a horrible mistake... That would also explain why what he is NOT looking at (traffic flow) is not understood, and what he is looking at (the far, far away ground and his hand holds) is what is immideatly noticeable. The shots do not have to follow in succession or in perfect time because, this is a regular computer geek at 10 stories up- what would you expect from him? Well, that's all I got. -Cheekio
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ultimatefishook writes:
Ok. Do you really think they actually had Reeves hanging onto a beam to keep from falling off a building. This glitch had to have been on purpose. This was most likely done with Green screen.
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TRiNiTY writes:
Of course we're seeing the movie from Neo's perspective! That's why we see the mobile phone change speed! To represent the distortion of the Matrix through Neo's he KNOWS there's something wrong, but he's not quite sure what it is.
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