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Planet of the Apes (2001) - Drunk with Banana Wine?
Were the editors drinking while working on this flick? The following slip-ups are only a few of the major flaws that will be discovered when the DVD comes out...
1. When the "space ape"(Cemos), lands by the ruins of the Oberon(Calima), notice that his bubble window is completely covered in dust and dirt to the max.
However, when our hero takes off into space again, why look! the window is crystal clear!!???
Just can't happen regardless of speed...which leads us to ...
2. As our hero "warps" back into our solar system near Saturn, notice how little time elapses for the millions of miles he travels to reach earth. I consider this a major slipup because even my 8-10 year old neices and nephews were asking why he didn't have a beard or why he didn't have to go to the bathroom...(are they teaching celestial mechanics in grade school now?) As most folks know, the shuttlecraft that was flown had a chemical engine and develops far too little thrust/velocity to bring him back to earth in just a few minutes...hey, any 8 year old will tell you that! I guess the makers wanted us to swallow this sloppy ending.
3. Notice in the beginning of the movie that our hero, and the chimp donned space helmets with clear visors...yet when the chimp landed at the end of the movie and the dirty bubble-canopy raised, wow! look ma!...a dirty, gold-shielded visor! Even the neice caught this one and questioned me!
4. I saw the movie twice, but just wait until the DVD comes out! Videophiles will have a field day!
I thought I saw another slip up that someone else might catch and report the end battle scene where the apes are charging towards the ruins of the Oberon, you will see some apes "outrunning" horses. I believe I saw something pulling those apes along and I think I saw an ape 'tumble off' into the dust by accident!
I know someone will report this later...or my name isn't "Ape Lincoln"! :(@)
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Contributed By: JimH on 08-10-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Mr. Smee writes:
Okay, concerning #2. He went into the electromagnetic field, which if you remembered was transmitting all the television broadcasts ever. This probably means that the electromagnetic field would transport someone through time (duh). It would also probably be safe to assume that the storm would take him through space as well. It's pretty obvious.
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CinemaChick29 writes:
I'm writing in reference to JimH's comment. There definitely was something pulling the apes during the battle scene. It was beige, apparently to blend in with the sand. Unfortunately it didn't work. Also on HBO they were showing the making of Planet of the Apes and they did say they used something to pull the extras because humans can only run so fast on all fours. You would think the movie makers would be extra careful to look for mistakes in that scene.
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min writes:
For a start, the idea of a movie is that you enjoy it, not try to pick out as many mistakes as possible, that really is sad. Secondly, I'd like to see you try and make a near perfect movie. This kind of film would be really hard to make, and personally i think that the producers did a great job of it, so get a life!!!!!
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WastedElement writes:
In response to number two. The storm he traveled through acted as a worm hole transporting him to a different time and a different part of the universe. Traveling through a worm hole can take no more than a few seconds.
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Trinity2oo5 writes:
Okay, first of all, his name is not Cemos, and even if you spelled it right it is not Seamus. That is an ape from the time period that Mark Wahlberg begins in. That ape's name is Pericles. Second of all, when he transporting through time, that doesn't mean he is ageing. That means he, in his present state, is traveling through different time portals or whatever they're called. He is not aging any faster than you and I just by passing by or through time portals (or whatever).
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tccoven writes:
Concerning the Helmet / Visor issue, I would imagine most space helmets have the clear AND UV visors in tandem, as most military aircraft helmets already come that way. The only difference is that space visors use a thin film of gold (the most UV protection possible)while military visors are tinted or mirrored.
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