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Braveheart - Isabella of France
In the movie, Isabella of France marries Edward II, is sent by her father-in-law Edward I to talk to William Wallace, falls in love with him, warns him out of several traps, has an affair with him, and taunts Edward I about her being with Wallace's child while Edward lies paralyzed and unable to speak. Wallace is then executed, end of movie.
William Wallace was executed in 1305. Edward I did not die until 1307, and was in fairly good health up to that time (he was leading an invasion of Scotland at the time). Edward II did marry Isabella of 1308. In France. Afterwards she came to England for the first time. She never met William Wallace or Edward I. Finally, her first born child, Edward III, was born in 1312. Unless Wallace had come back from the dead, there was no way for him to father that child.
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Contributed By: Wallace on 01-13-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Sancoeur writes:
Not to mention that fact that she would have been "seriously" underage for him? I've heard ages ranging from 4 to 12 years old when William Wallace was active.
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doc writes:
I would agree that these are oversights but would also suggest that they fall within the boundaries of artisitc licence as oppossed to out and out slip ups. The film was not intended to be a documentry.
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LAzar writes:
The story in the film is mainly wrong. William Wallace is supposed to be quite evil in real life, raping women while rampaging through England and many other things. If you search for stories of him on the net you'll find that Mel turned William Wallace to a good person when he is a bad person.
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Will Storrie writes:
If you get your facts right and read up correctly on William Wallace, you will find that he was not an evil man, but quite a religious man, with no 'stories' of raping women whilst rampaging through English towns!!!!!
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Mary writes:
Ok, but this is more a Triviastic fact...
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C.W writes:
I agree with Will. William Wallace was not an evil man. Also these phrase "based on actual events" does not necessarily mean it will be 100 percent the whole truth. No movie is completely accurate. And you know what? I don't recall anyone ever saying that this is exactly how the events occurred in history.
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bored outta my mind writes:
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Mister Voice writes:
I think that it's been well publicized both in the media and on the web that this movie deviated from the (real?) story of William Wallace quite a bit. But most information you'll find these days about the man clearly state that though he was a real person, few facts are known about what kind of a person he really was (bad, good, ugly, etc.). Most of the stories of how he lived his (personal) life are mostly built from myth, legend, and folklore. And therefore, other than the historical event s he was a part of, his complete life story cannot be totally verified.
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predator freak writes:
I think Gibson created a love story in the movie so that girls would compromise and watch the film. Guys still get the battle scenes and girls get the love scenes without making guys watch cheezy pieces of sh*t like "Down to You" or any Julia Roberts movie.
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No fricken duh, dumbasses writes:
Do you actually believe that they can get the exact date when William Wallace or the Edward died? I bet they even accidentally may have skipped a decade and we're still in the late 80's or early 90's. It would be pretty hard to keep track of the date back then.
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jockstrap writes:
The whole king dying at the same time as Wallace and Isabella telling him about the baby are known to be wrong the makers of the film clearly stated that the history was changed to make it more dramatic! ITS A FILM!!
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Shadowmen writes:
LAzar needs to broaden your horizons. First of all, the title narration is mostly right when he says "...history is written by those who have hanged heros." You must either be English, or are only looking up William Wallace in English lore. They portrayed him as evil simply because he managed to spite them for his whole life and started a successful rebellion. He was basically a good guy, even though he was a sort of barbarian. He showed no mercy for the English, but never dishonored them with horrible things such as raping. And besides, you don't have to rape when you pillage!
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Noodle Boy writes:
LAzar, there is no evidence to prove of Wallace raping women. I have read so many books and watched so many documentaries about him, and I've NEVER heard that before. Though he was a tad bit...violent...against English soldiers, there is no evidence to prove that he did any of these things. He was a good man who wanted peace for his people, who didn't want to fight and kill...but it had to be done. If anyone was evil, it was the English nobles who raped and murdered Scottish people.
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