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Stargate SG-1 - A British Salute
In the episode "Shades of Grey," Col. O'Neal is forced to retire after he steals technology from a friendly alien species. He asks to retire on a planet where a woman he was involved with lives. This is a front, but that's not important. As he "leaves" Earth for the last time, the SG-1 regulars stand at the bottom of the ramp to bid him farewell.
At the General's order, they give him a salute (very common among the US military). If you look at Doctor Frasier (short brown hair, wearing the skirt) she gives him the British-style salute. With the Brits, the palm is facing out while the US the palm is perpendicular to the ground. They are supposed to be US military, not Brits! It's worth a good laugh!
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
The only decent salute in this shot is from the Airman in the back
The only decent salute in this shot is from the Airman in the back
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Special Requirements: A good eye while watching the ep. "Shades of Grey"
Contributed By: Wright1996 on 08-06-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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GWF03 writes:
You do know that perpendicular means at right angles to something? So, in your post, you describe both salutes as being the exact same thing. Whereas the United States salute is parallel or at 45 degrees in relation to the ground.
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StoicLion writes:
Okay, it's been a while since my original post but I'll answer some of the points raised by others... 1> Janet Fraiser was a MAJOR in the US Air Force. It was stated several times during her years on the show. She was NOT a civilian. Civilian employees of the military don't wear uniforms with insignia. If you doubt me, check Dr. Jackson's uniforms. Don't see any enlisted or officer's symbols, do you? 2> Secondly, Janet was NOT from England. And even if she were originally from England, to salute in a fashion not in line with the rest of the US military shows disrespect for her fellow personnel. I spent 12 years in the Navy and knew people who were originally from other countries. They didn't get to do their home country's version of a salute because they weren't born in the US. I'd see if she was an exchange officer like those Russians, but that was NOT the case. 3> Third, Janet was from the South? Uhm...what does that have to do with anything? 4> Yeah...a lot of people get sloppy with their salutes.
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usmcrave99 writes:
No SIXof26, Janet is a Major in the U.S. Air Force, not a civilian; if she were a civilian, she wouldn't be wearing that uniform nor have gold oak leafs on her shoulders.
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flyingdi writes:
I'd like to point out that Janet is actually a Major, as her rank is mentioned in several episodes. Also I believe she is supposed to be a Southerner.
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Tymanthius writes:
Ever been in the Army? Officers screw up salutes more often than enlisted. :)
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MorPH writes:
Actually, usmcrave99, can you really say a civilian wouldn't wear that when they have some big freaking gate that takes them to strange alien landscapes?
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StoicLion writes:
This was my post over 5 years ago. I didn't realize until now that I meant to write "parallel" to the ground instead of "perpendicular." My mistake. In either case, I don't know where the notion that Janet was a civilian came from? Thanks to whomever posted a picture highlighting this slip-up.
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SIXof26 writes:
Janet, like Daniel, is a civilian Doctor, and she was from Britain, so technically she could salute any way she wants. =P
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BamaDan writes:
In my experience, most Air Force officers have a sloppy salute.
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