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Star Trek: The Next Generation - New Transporters?
At the end of the episode Geordi and Capt. Scott use the Jenolen's shields to keep the main entrance of the Dyson's Sphere open to let the Enterprise out. Geordi tells Picard that the Enterprise won't be able to go around the Jenolen, they'll have to destroy the Jenolen and get through before the doors close. The must fire photon torpedoes at the Jenolen and transport Geordi and Scott out before it blows. They do so and make their escape. The only problem is how did they transport Geordi and Scott through the Jenolen's shields? They were up the whole time, and they transported before the torpedoes hit, so they didn't take out the shield first and make a split-second transport. Unless I'm mistaken, which I'm not, it's been stated on many occasions that transporters cannot transport through shields.
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Contributed By: Chooch on 08-05-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Tazman writes:
This is a very good question, but I would say the answer would be that the Enterprise would the know at what modulation the shields were being generated at. Example of this would be when the Duras Sisters in the "Generations" movie found the shield frequency and used this information to pass the torpedoes through the shields.
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Krodo writes:
The Jenolen was a pretty old ship, I don't remember the exact time but it was said to be more the 50 years old. One might argue that in the span of 50 years transporter technology *might* have developed to surely be able to beam through those kind of shields. While at the same time that transporter technology was enhanced, present shield grids might have been upgraded as well. So, to be short: The USS Enterprise Transporters might not be able to beam through any of the recent shields that 'modern' starship use, but might have been able to penetrate the Jenolen's 'older and obsolete' shields..
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coleman100 writes:
Keep in mind that , on this one occasion, Geordi and Scotty actually wanted to be beamed off their ship. It would be a simple matter for them to digitally transmit their shield frequency to the Enterprise (some sort of email?).
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kev.middleman writes:
I know it's maybe making excuses for the creators - but the Jenolen was decades old. Since the technology is constantly being refined, isn't it possible that they could beam through the shields? O'Brien managed to beam through Captain Jericho's shields when he needed to reason with him.
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Wolf writes:
Actually, there is an explanation to this posted in a few of the older Star Trek books. Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise is not considered completely official because there are a few blatant errors in the history, but it did offer an interesting solution to the problem of transporting through shields: the transport emitters are independently shielded, so only the shielding around them can be dropped while leaving the overall shielding intact. This book is based in the same era that the Jenolen was from, so it is likely that the Jenolen incorporates this technology. As to why this technology was later dropped, I can only assume that enhancements in weapons targeting systems made opening even a small hole in the shields too dangerous.
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