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Halloween - What Season Is It Anyway?
I cannot believe no one has brought this up yet. To me this is the most noticeable inconsistency of them all. This is suppose to be Halloween, which as well all know falls on October 31st. Not only that this is suppose to take place in Illinois. By October 31st in Illinois the leaves on the tree's should be in full change and be orange, yellow, purple, red & brown and even starting to fall off. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that in each outside scene all the tree's are bright green and full of leaves! So what's going on here? Halloween in the summer time? I don't know if they corrected this inconsistency in the sequels but I know in the first one they weren't paying any attention to the season. This would be acceptable if Haddonfield was in California but it's suppose to be in Illinois!
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Contributed By: Spirit_Sister on 08-05-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Motor City Madman writes:
Halloween was filmed in the summer and was done on such a low budget, the director couldn't change it.
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imbatman writes:
Disregarding the fact that the movie was indeed filmed in California, there have been a few Halloween's here in IL where the trees were still green. Sometimes summers last so long as to not allow the leaves to change.
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Candie writes:
I agree with imbatman...there have been a few summers that have stretched into fall and beyond. My first year in Illinois, it didn't even snow until after Christmas...this "phenomenon" is called Indian Summer...
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dbzguy writes:
It is a well known fact that the film was shot in California, throughout the daytime shots in the movie you can also see Palm trees in the background.
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Seeitmyway writes:
In Illinois, when it doesn't snow until after Christmas, it's not called "Indian Summer"'s called..."It didn't snow until after Christmas." Indian Summer is a warm period after the first frost. And yes, the leaves DO change color, they don't go from healthy green one day to falling on the ground the next.
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SugarHuni14 writes:
It may actually been filmed in California because I noticed a couple California license plates.
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Garrett writes:
I agree with this mistake, because even though in Illinois, Summer can be longer then average, look at the trees, they're green... Now look at the ground, the leaves are brown.
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