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Anastasia - How Old?
At the very beginning, Anastasia's grandmother narrates, starting with 'The year was 1917...'. Then, about 15 minutes into the movie, when Anya is leaving the orphanage, the woman in charge is lecturing her saying something along the lines of 'I found you wandering in the streets when you were eight years old. For ten years I fed you, clothed you, kept a roof over your head...'. This would mean that at that point in the movie Anya was 18 years old - but that can't be. Anastasia Romanov was born in June of 1901, making her about 16 when the Revolution began. So how could she be 18 ten years later, as the movie states?
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Contributed By: LanguageLover24 on 08-05-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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DramaQueenie88 writes:
Good catch, but the movie has many points that are not true to the true real Anastasia. For one Rasputin was not really evil, he helped to treat Alexi's (Anastasia's brother)bleeding problem. Also "Anastasia" was never reunited with the Dowager Empress. Many aspects of the story were changed to make the movie more interesting and easier to follow.
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kimberelly writes:
Anastasia had many historical inaccuracies. For example, she was 16 years old when the Bolsheviks came to power; however, it has never been proven that Rasputin, or Father Grigory, helped Alexei's hemophilia. Anastasia's grandmother took many trips, so it was uncommon when she left to go sailing. Also, Father Grigory was killed by Anastasia's cousin and his friends; they shot him many times, poisoned him, and then they drowned him. Finally, Nicholas II was on a train when he abdicated the throne; he was not with his family, and his daughters had the measles when he abdicated.
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Ana_banana writes:
good point dramaqueenie. If they had the actual facts in this movie, it wouldn't be liked very much by kids. Of course they say she is proven to be the real Anastasia in the movie(they never proved it in real life) because, they have to make a happy ending.
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ConanaBanana02 writes:
bec-a-la...even if the date was 1916 at the beginning of the movie, she still wouldnt be 18 when she is on her journey later in the movie.
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Bec_a_la3 writes:
In the Movie it said the year was 1916 anyway. You had better watch the movie again then write in.
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chelsea writes:
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