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Pokemon - Show Mess-Up in Japan
In Japan (before the show hit the USA) one of the episodes had Pikachu being really angry. His eyes were flashing irradecent, the broadcast sent about 700 kids to the hospital with spasm-like problems. The makers of the show fixed that before the next season.
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Contributed By: Sharky on 08-24-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Mars Guo writes:
Woah! So much arguing I HAD to join in! Here are all the facts, without sugar coating or rumors mixed in. * The show WAS Pokemon, but in Japan it is reffered to as something else. * Pikachu's eyes did not flash, but he threw a thunderbolt at a missile. As the episode took place inside a computer, instead of an explosion occuring the whole scene flashed red and blue repeatedly and caused seizures in japan. * This episode was banned in america along with two others (one of which has been aired in the US by now! Yipee!) * The episode was never aired in America, at least not in english. And it probably never will be, because the actress who does the english voices for Misty and Jesse swore she would never dub the episode for fear of it causing problems in the US as well. There you are, people, hope I've cleared it all up. It's fun to prove people wrong =)
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Dylan Rush writes:
There is a clip of this moment available from (scroll down to the bottom for the download link) IT WILL NOT CAUSE ANY DAMAGE! IT HAS BEEN TONED DOWN AND WILL NOT AFFECT YOU!
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Mondo writes:
The episode in question, "Dennou Senshi Porigon" (Electric Brain Soldier Porygon) was never shown in the English dub because the Japanese government banned the episode after the convulsion incident on December 17, 1997. This episode was not mentioned in the Pocket Monsters (it is wrong to call this anime series "Pokemon" because it is the North American/European dub title) in the "film comics," "kids book," and never release on home video.
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JoelP1234 writes:
This is true. The episode is called Electric Soldier Porygon (episode #38) and wwas never shown in the U.S.A.
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TimberWolf365 writes:
Everybody, I know the real TRUTH!! A lot of you are half right. Okay, it was indeed Pokemon (I think we have already cleared that up), and now for the argumentative part. The computer screen flashed, but it was not that flash that caused the seizures. It was actually the REFLECTION of that flash in Pikachu's eyes that triggered them, so most of you are have right.
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Unknown writes:
The name of the episode is 'Electric Soldier Porygon.' The background flashes, as you can see at, and it was banned from even being edited in the U.S. Sheesh!!
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Pinkachu writes:
You know what??? (You probably already know by now if you still watch pokemon.) The fourth orange island gym's trainer has a Alakazam and a Marowak, and also, see this is strange huh, on red and blue, when you enter the unknown dungeon, right after you enter the ladder from 2nd basement to 3rd basement, don't move, push the down key only, and you will be stand on a corner of a hill, and next go up and everything will return to normal, and also play the poke flute before mewtwo and put another mewtwo(by code) in your 1st pokemon is the line up, the real mewtwo will learn hyper beam.
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lugiapm writes:
Not quite, Garbage, the episode was called "Electric soldier Porygon", and pikachu uses a electric attack, and some children who were watching had sesures because of all of the flashing. Jeez, It seems like I'm following you around, doesn't it? Last laugher, Lugia
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Masked_Rose writes:
Actually, this is true. There was one episode where some Pokémon got angry and the backround started flashing in technicolor. It caused Epileptic Seizures in some kids. The flashing colors apparently overloaded their occular sensors. Needless to say, the episode won't air here in the states.
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Ovan writes:
Actually...... most is in the background & the flashing is in red & blue!!!
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Alric writes:
I hate to tell you, Obi, but yes, it was Pokemon (a virtually unknown in America at the time) that caused so many siezures, and as proof, you can find the video clip on several unofficial Pokemon sites. However, it is not wise for anyone to watch this video clip because of the possible side-effects.
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Asmo22 writes:
Sorry, but both of you are wrong. First, It was Pokemon. The summary of the episode was this: A computer gets a virus and Ash (our pokemon hero) has to go inside and get rid of it. At one point during the show, the computer monitor flashed diferent colors. This triggered seizures in children watching the show. The show was redone to exclude the scene, and was also translated to english, but 4kids entertainment decided against showing it in the US.
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Trivimaster writes:
People, people, PEOPLE! Let me settle this once and for all, kids got spasms from both the flashing screen AND Pikachu's flashing eyes. (i've seen it on the Dutch news) The Japanese seem to make it a habit out of giving little children epilleptical spasms.
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Mars Guo writes:
I really wish they would at LEAST feature Porygon in a second episode. Do you reallize Gloom has recieved 2 stardom episodes, Jigglypuff has starred in more than four, Kabuto 2, Snorlax 2, and so on, while all the best Pokemon (Cubone, Electabuzz, Scyther, Kangaskhan, etc) have only been in 1 or fewer??
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Gungan Din writes:
But what does this all have to do with the seizures? This isn't the place to be talking about this! Sorry, Pinky, but you're off-topic.
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garbage writes:
Not quite, Masked Rose. The episode WAS shown in America, but the flashes were toned down so this wouldn't happen.
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Sean Glass writes:
It was pokemon, and it was pikachu, they showed it on the news yet showed it through a camera looking at a tv screen to tone it down. Also most people don't know that pokemon started as a gameboy game in 1995.(the only pokemon product I like)
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Jake Heft writes:
It was an accidental cause of pain and suffering. Or something like that. Anyway, go to Dylan's URL clip, it shows it. I don't think its been aired in the US, but then again I missed a lot of recent episodes.
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Gungan Din writes:
Yeah!!! And many cool Pokemon (Snorlax, Koffing, Lickitung, Weepinbell, Meowth, Snubble) are cast (at least initially) as villains!
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Gungan Din writes:
Watch how Pikachu attacks that little guy! See how he dishonors the SKULL OF CUBONE'S DECEASED MOTHER! How dare he? Has he no respect for the DEAD? Sorry, but if I was wearing a "coonskin" Pikachu hat, made of Pikachu's mother, out of total disregard (unlike Cubone's mourning respect), Ash and Pikachu would be angry, wouldn't they?
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manics1 writes:
The seizures WERE caused by an explosion.I saw some of this scene on the news a year or so ago.In it,Ash,Misty and Brock shield themselves from a big,bright explosion.
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MissingNO writes:
What are you talking about, Pinkachu?! And instead of taking out the scene, how about they slow it down to 3 or 4 colors per second? You can still see the scene on TV and the side effects will be NONE! No censors, episode or scene removal necessary. And it was probably the exploding missiles that flashed, not the monitor.
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Tony Gies writes:
I can see why ObiWon thought this was a lie though. When they talked about it on the news, they said the show was called Pocket Monster, but that's really just the english translation of the japanese word Pokemon.
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WaySarcastic writes:
I wish they could dub this, I love Pory-sama!
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Mars Guo writes:
Yeah!!! I wants my Cubone-chan! Just because he wears a skull over his face he's some sort of Pokepunk? He's just misunderstood dammit! *sob*
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T-zone writes:
Cubone RULES!!! I think Pikachu should be shot, stuffed, shoved in a box, and thrown up in Ash's attic. Let this be an example for other Pokemon.
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Trivimaster writes:
And why do you never see a trainer with an Alakazam? I want my Alakazam! I mean, it's not THAT hard to get it! Just trade your Kadabra! Go on! Do it! And you Ash, yes you! Go catch an Abra and make it evolve! Then trade it with Brock when he gets back! And don't let that pitifull excuse for a human Tracey get his hands on it! It's bad enough he has a Scyther! Go to Cerulean City Ash, cross the bridge, turn left and catch an Abra! Now...GO!
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@ssKicker writes:
Why do they never show any of the extra 100 Pokemon? (from 156-256) I've never seen Luiga, or even a Dragonair! And yes, they should show cooler Pokemon. Pikachu came top in a poll I found on some website asking which Pokemon you would most like killed. (I voted for Jigglypuff, by the way.) My favourite is Gengar, and how often do they show the "evil" Pokemon? Once or twice! They have even stated that there is no such thing as a bad Pokemon, but trainers can teach it to be bad. Well, in Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon, how many trainers have met Aerodactyl or Omanyte, which are two of my favourites? *sigh*. I think I've made my point clear.
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Mars Guo writes:
I simply have to laugh at Grunty and correct him in Cubone's defense. 1. If Cubone didn't wear the skull it'd defeat the whole purpose. No one is supposed to see Cubone's face. It'd be like finding out the sex of Pat from SNL. 2. Cubone's Armor is authorized by the Pokemon League as fair play and it's perfectly legal in all respects of official battle. 3. Cubone doesn't care about fair play when it comes to the mask. It'll comply to any rule you want as long as you don't even think of asking it to take off its mask. It's out to avenge its mother's death. It wears the skull mask as a symbol of honor, respect and to remind it never to rest until it has gotten its revenge. (Cubone usually don't evolve until they have done away with whoever slew their parents) 4. It's stuck on you idiot! As soon as Cubone is old enough to make a decent battling Pokemon, it's grown into its mask already and it's impossible to remove.
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Mars Guo writes:
ASH: But-- but-- I want to go find the next gym and win a badge with my Pikachu and my Bulbasaur! Alakazam's no match for a Pikachu and a Bulbasaur! So there! *speeds off on a stolen bike*
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T-zone writes:
OFFICER JENNY: Halt! You're under arrest for speeding. You were going above the speed limit! See the sign? The limit is 15 miles per hour. This is a Pokémon safetey zone! And you're also under arrest for stealing a bike. Give it back to Trapezoid or we're gonna have to take you in. *handcuffs Ash and throws him into a K9 unit while a Growlithe rips his leg off* Okay, here we are. *throws Ash into a solitary confinement cell while Charizard gets loose, burns Ash to a crisp, and tears his head off* "Mmmmm...I smell barbecue." that would be what I call entertaining. =¬)
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Pinkachu writes:
MissingNO! I don't think my comment has anything to do with the seizure, I told people which trainer has a alakazam, and some stuff about the red/blue game! By the way, in the orange island episodes, tracy caught a scyther, and that scyther was shown in more than 3 episodes.
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Obiwonkenblowme writes:
This slipup is a lie. A Japanese cartoon DID cause spasms in many children due to the way a main character's eyes flashed rapidly but the cartoon was NOT Pokemon and as we all know anyway Pikachu's eyes do NOT flash when he gets angry or nervous, instead he sets off a powerful jolt of electricity.
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Trapezoid writes:
The 100%, honest to god truth of the matter: The seizures were caused by the red and blue flashing of a computer moniter, not Pikachu or any other Pokemon's eyes. Since Pikachu is that annoying, over popular Pokemon a lot of people hate, they assumed that it had to have some negative, seizure inducing side to it. But no, it was just a blue and red screen.
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Merlinros writes:
First of all, the kids went into segures when Pickachu's eyes flashed. Second, they did NOT show that epasode in the US they tossed it. And third, that is not a slip up pretty much any-one who likes pokemon knows that, so it shouldn't even added it to the site. IT IS NOT A SLIP UP!!!!!
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Mars Guo writes:
It will if I have anything to say about it, nya? -_-
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Pinkachu writes:
well! MissingNO was asking: "what are you talking about? Pinkachu?" and I was explaining to him/her
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Mike D writes:
So where can I get a copy of this scene on the internet???!?!?!?!
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EggMaster writes:
I read an article about this today on MSN.
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@ssKicker writes:
I can think of a better episode, called "Mars Attacks!" Here is the script: Mars Guo: Hi, Mars fans! Good to se me on PokéMon, huh? Tracy: Hi, Mars! It's great that you love PokéMon so much! Look! (shows him a large Wigglytuff) Mars: Oh, that's so cute! I'll get my friend to see it too! Hey, @ssKicker! Come and see this! (Enter @ssKicker wielding a large lead pipe) @ssKicker: Hey, Wigglytuff! You want a closer look at the pipe? (knocks Wigglytuff unconscious) Tracy: *gasp* No! Wigglytuff! We were going to take over the world with cute, pink PokéMon, but no-o-o. You had to come! Go, Gloom! @ssKicker: Petal to the metal! (loud crash- pollen scatters everywhere.) Tracy: AAGH! POLLEN! I'm allergic, dammit!!!!! THE END Am I right in thinking that this episode will never air in the USA or the U.K.?
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Disgruntled writes:
Hey, man, it's a fight. If Cubone was respectful, he'd take the skull off so it wouldn't get hurt. Bah.
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