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I Love Lucy - Up,Up and Into the Roof
In the episode where a man is hanging from Lucy's window and Lucy is trying to hide him from Ricky so she sits on the windowsill. Well, Ricky sees him and wants to fight, and the guy says he will fight only with pistols. Lucy leaves the room, and they pretend to shoot. But watch, they are shooting up. Isn't there a ceiling there? Oops! And don't they live in an apartment? Hope the people on top of them weren't home tonight.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-31-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Christine writes:
I've watched "I Love Lucy" thousands of times and I think the Ricardos might live on the top floor because in one episode, the stairs to the roof are right beside the Ricardos apartment. Still, the gun shots to the ceiling would have caused a bit of a mess. This is a slip-up.
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eMinEm writes:
No, the Ricardos definitely do not live on the top floor. When little ricky was crying one night, mrs trumble was hitting her floor (their ceiling). i know this because ethel said "what is she doing?" and ricky said "hanging pictures?" and lucy said "on her floor???" so that proves that the ricardos live one floor under somebody. however, this is contradicted in one episode. when they get locked on the roof, they go down to the end of the hallway and walk up the stairs to the roof. i guess nobody will know whether they live on the 2nd to top floor or the top floor.
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dog writes:
This i really a great slipup. i mean how can somebody not have picked that up. Come on how can you have someone shooting gun shots through a roof in a tv show that aired on tv. I guess we will never know what floor they lived on but o well it is a good show. they could have least fired the shots out the window or something. This is great
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Kristy writes:
this comment is to have to remember that Lucy and Ricky moved into another apartment building after they had Little Ricky. before they had little Ricky they only had a one bedroom apartment and then after they had him they moved into a two-bedroom apartment so maybe the first apartment was on the top floor(because this episode was before they had a baby) and their second apartment was on another floor other than the top floor.
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Chippe writes:
Actually, here are the logistics: Earlier on, it was established through watching the show, that Lucy lived ABOVE ethel (as evidenced in "The Ricardo's Change Apartments" - where Lucy stomps on the floor to tell Ethel and Fred to come up) and in one of the early episodes where Lucy & Ricky stomp on the floor and make all sorts of noiseto annoy the Metzes, then when the ceiling falls on Fred & Ethel later in that episode.) It was also established that Lucy lived BELOW Mrs. Trumbull as evidenced in the episodes where Little Ricky is newborn. THEN Lucy & Ricky switch Apartments with The Bensons (They don't move to another building!). This apartment is NEXT DOOR to the Mertzes as evidenced in many episodes with The Ricardos and Mertzes adjoining kitchens. So it was like this at first.. MRS TRUMBULL THE RICAZRDOS THE MERTZES Then ... MRS TRUMBULL THE BENSONS THE MERTZES THE RICARDOS So the Ricardos could NEVER have lived on the top floor. There are many, many, many story and continuity errors in I Love Lucy - the stairs to the roof is a BIG ERROR as at the time of that episode the Ricardos lived AT LEAST two floors below the roof.
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Stephanne1017 writes:
The Ricardo's lived on the 3rd floor and the 2nd floor. They lived on the 3rd floor before little Ricky was born and for a while after until they moved downstairs to the 2nd floor into the 2 bedroom apartment. In the episode mentioned previously, Lucy stomps on the floor to get Ethel's attention telling us that The Mertz's live below the Ricardo's. In a later episode the Ricardo's sell their old washing machine to the Mertz's and Ethel and Lucy fight over who it belongs to after it breaks. We see them pushing it back and forth to each other's back doors which are next door to each other which tells us they live on the same floor.
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