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Tomb Raider: The Movie - Locket?
At the final fight scene in the Siberian caves once she kills the evil dude, when she is about to leave he has the locket with the photo. But before, it was around her neck. So how did he end up with it? Magic? No, a slip-up!
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Is it a locket or a watch?  I guess it's both.
Is it a locket or a watch? I guess it's both.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-30-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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tombraider_007 writes:
Well, if i recall, When Lara was a little girl,her father had it and he had kept it. Later in the movie, Powell KILLS HIM! So its obvious that Powell took it! and she never had it around her neck she had placed it in her hand and then into her pocket after killing Powell. (in the end)
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TLF writes:
I've been going over this scene, and I'm pretty sure it was never around either of their necks. Powell places it in his breast pocket and we don't see it again until he's dead and Lara takes it.
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Winnie writes:
In case you forgot or just missed this part in the movie, it shows her father getting killed by that guy and he even says that the father begged that he not take the locket. If that happened then at no point in the movie would Lara have it around her neck. She might have been wearing another necklace but if memory serves me correctly she didn't. After she ends up killing that guy she was gonna run out of the room cause the place was collapsing then she turned back around and got her mothers locket out of his pocket before she ran out.
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Dev writes:
Remember when Mr. Powell's assault teams broke into Lara's mansion and took the clock with the All-Seeing Eye? They could have just as easily taken her locket with it!
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Angel writes:
This is not a slip-up. For one, it's not a locket that Powell has, it's a pocket watch. Two, whoever wrote that this was a slip-up wasn't listening to the dialogue in the movie. Because when Powell is laying there dying, he tells Lara that her father begged him not to take the watch, but then he did take it after he killed her father.
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FREAK5_25_89 writes:
Uh, how do you know she kept around her neck?
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