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Planet of the Apes (2001) - He's in the Wrong Pod
When Mark Wahlbergs character gets into the pod the monkey just arrived in it is the "Delta" pod. However, the monkey took off from Oberon in the "Alpha" pod. "Delta" is in the bottom of the lake where Mark Wahlberg crash landed.
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Contributed By: kokobug on 07-29-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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JustNImg writes:
Also, a few seconds later, the screen reads "Alpha Pod" which is the correct name.
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Du Nomad writes:
If this slip up is indeed based on the word "delta" being printed on the control panel, then it may not really be a slip up. Ship designations are rarely printed on the inside, and the word "delta" could very well be referring to an instrument readout (such as the "Delta-v" which is a measure of the angle of approach on an aircraft).
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kitiara writes:
This is what I noticed that seems to cause the confusion. The monkey started out in the Alpha pod and Mark started out in the Delta pod. Everything fine so far. But when all the problems start happening the Captain starts getting the pods mixed up because He refers to Mark's pod as the Alpha pod and vice versa. By the end of the movie everything is fine. But for awhile there, it was confusing me too.
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Nimby writes:
I noticed this one right away. I didn't catch the letter on the outside of the pod, but when the camera cuts to the display inside his pod, it clearly says "Delta Pod".
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jarbacca writes:
The pod was Alpha, because if you remember to the begining of the film when the space center is trying to locate the lost monkey, they keep saying "come in Alpha, come in". If you don't believe me you can download the entire movie on edonkey2000 and see for yourself.
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Toxicgonzo writes:
OK my bad, I've been informed that the pod did in fact say "Delta" pod. Sorry
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mtreilly writes:
you're right toxic, the pod DOES have an "a" on the side, but that doesn't matter, he's talking about a different part just a little bit later in the film. The control panel in the pod says "delta" spelled out. It doesn't match!
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Toxicgonzo writes:
I'm pretty sure that the pod was the "Alpha" pod because I saw the letter "A" on the side of the ship. The letters on the side of the pod correspond to what they stand for. For example, when Wahlbergs leaves in his ship to get the ape, his ship has a letter "D" on it. The "D" must stand for "Delta." Therefore, the "A" must stand for "Alpha."
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