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Planet of the Apes (2001) - Horses
When the renegade crew steals the horses and rides across the river, Leo and chimp girl lose their horses, and must swim across. Yet the next day, when they are riding through the Forbidden Area, everyone has a horse again. No explanation as far as I'm concerned. And I won't accept that the horses crossed with out the passengers. Because they didn't.
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Special Requirements: PotA movie, Tim Burton edition
Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-29-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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MovieBuff writes:
My question is not so much how many horses there are, but how did horses get on this distant "alien" planet? It is obviously NOT Earth since we see 2 moons in the sky. The plot explains the presence of apes and humans, but not horses! I doubt a starship landed there that happened to be carrying a herd of horses.
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Dravos writes:
Actually, If you watch the scene over you can see that several of the riders take more than one horse across by holding the ropes of the horses. So there were enough horses to go around. Tim Burton is to good of a director to miss a mistake like that.
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Syera writes:
They are NOT monkeys! They are APES! For a quick reference, monkeys have tails, apes do not!
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OutTillDon writes:
I think the bigger issue is the fact that when Mark Whalberg is in his ship looking at past records, they say the planet it uninhabited. Then how did they get horses on the planet? where they in the space ship too? Or did they just kinda forget to mention that they where already there?
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jarbacca writes:
Don't you get it, it was Earth all along, just not a future earth, Walberg's character went back in time, before humans had appeared. The world had two moons because, moons develop and are destroyed all the time therefore Earth could of had two moons but one was destroyed by a comet or something. I know the pod's chrono meter thing said it was the year 3000 and something but remember the electrical storm messed up the ships controls. After mark left to go into the future, Thade somehow escaped, and made the apes the dominant species again, and also wiped out the human species, that is why the Lincoln memorial has his face on it,and why the monkey police look so stunned, because humans were killed off by Thade thousands of years ago. oh yes you were wrong it was earth all along, yes you finally made a monkey 'yes we finally made a monkey' yes you finally made a monkey out of me.
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Annette writes:
I just went to the movie and watched for this (because I was ready to shoot you down.) But, you're right! They originally steal 7 horses. The girl ape and the Lt. both lose theirs' and end up swimming across. On the other side of the river, they show that they only have 5 horses. However, soon after, they have 7 horses again.
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Sly Guy writes:
I noticed the same thing. Everyone is riding on one horse. They cross the river and two people (Wahlberg and the Monkey Chick) don't have a horse. Then somehow everyone has a horse and the body guard has a few extras. They should have shown a clip of the body guard leading 4 extra horses across the river.
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