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My Cousin Vinny - How Did She Know?
In the scene after Vinny (Joe Pesci) tells the judge that his stage name is Jerry Callo with a "C" (Jerry Gallo, a real lawyer, is dead, leaving the Judge curious), he meats Marisa Tomei's character in a restaurant. He's tells her that the judge found out that Gallo was dead, but when she asks what he said, he does not mention Callo with a "C." Instead, they get involved in an argument, and she leaves the restaurant. At the end of the movie, Tomei informs Pesci that she made a call to Judge Malloy, who made a very respectable fake resume for Jerry Callo, but Vinny never told her that he told the judge his name was Callo, because she left the restaurant in a fit of rage, so there's no way she could have known!
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-29-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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-Julia- writes:
I have also spent some time thinking over this aspect of the movie. However, the only conclusion I can possibly draw is that Vinny might have told her at some point, even thought they didn't show it. It might have been one of those scenes that were made, but then cut from the movie altogether because it was useless, and the director forgot to make it accountable.
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0123four writes:
It took me some time to figure this one out, but I think I know. When Vinny originally tells Lisa that he used the name Jerry Gallo, she tells him that Jerry Gallo is dead, but that may or may not have been the end of the conversation. It is likely they came up with the name "Jerry Callo" together in the event that the judge discovered Jerry Gallo's death before the end of the trial. So Vinny telling the judge he's Jerry Callo was not spur-of-the-moment, but he already had that backup name picked out. Notice that when he later tells Lisa that the judge discovered Gallo's death, she asks him, "What did HE say?," not, "What did YOU say?," so she may have already known what Vinny told the judge, and could have already called Judge Malloy to give him the heads up.
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Talljim writes:
The judge called for a verification on Jerry Callo. We never heard the phone conversation with Lisa and the judge malloy. So maybe he said to Lisa, that some judge had just called him about a Jerry Callo from there and she could have told judge Malloy, "I bet that is vinny".
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Fup Dup writes:
I also have been plagued by this thought but come up with possibly the best thing that I could: She calls Vinny's judge friend and tells him that the judge from what ever county their in will be calling the clerks office asking about a lawyer, and I'm sure there was only one inquiry coming from that county so it wouldn't have been too hard to do.
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rnsings writes:
In that same scene in the restaurant I noticed another blooper other than the Judge Malloy reference. The one that stands out to me is when Vinnie is looking at the pictures, the showing of the pictures is out of sync with dialogue describing what picture Vinnie is looking at.
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dubylyu writes:
This one bothers me so much! I HATE it when movies do things like this. It is all part of the attempt to make Lisa look like some kind of incredible know-it-all... but after that scene when she testifies in court, we are all impressed enough without throwing in that stupid "Callo" thing.
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