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Dragonball Z - Cell Jrs Gain a Sibling
If you watch The Unleashing where Gohan becomes SSJ2, he goes after all of the Cell Jrs. Cell created seven Cell Jrs to take care of the rest of the Z fighters, but if you count how many Gohan kills you will see that he really kills eight Cell Jrs. That's a pretty big mistake for the editors not to catch.
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Special Requirements: Watch The Unleashing
Contributed By: Brodel on 07-29-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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superboy650 writes:
Yeah... I noticed that too. I think the animators just had a little too much fun watching those little squeaky voiced runts blow up. I know I did. And now for my rational explanation... Cell Jrs. all have the same abilities of Cell including regeneration. Is it possible in one instant Gohan was trying to kill those annoying little *bleep*s so fast that one was still left as a single solitary cell which Cell can regenerate from (According to the FUNi version Cell can regenerate as long as his core is left, but actually it supposed to be as long as a single cell of himself is left).
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Roby_NZ writes:
I think one of them was just wounded or thrown to the ground, not actually killed. Then Gohan would have a killed a few more before it came at him again.
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HowitZer writes:
No, if you watch closer Gohan injures several of the cell jr.s before chopping them in half and really destroying them. I've watched this part many times, and it is right. You have to count how many times you see a cell jr explode into dust, not just Gohan hitting them.
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strawbabies writes:
The little cell Jr couldn't have regenerated that quickly, it took Cell a little while to do it himself and Gohan killed them all too quickly. I think either the animators had one too many beers the night before or one was injured and got back up to try his luck against the SSJ3.
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strawbabies writes:
Ah, I see! I just watched it about 10 times over on my brothers computer and I can make some sense of it. Everything is a bit mucked up for some reason. The first one SSJ2 gohan goes after is definitely killed, they turned everything blue like they only do when he destroys one. And Vegeta says: After all the time we spend trying to kill these things he does it in one blow! BUT we see/hear the body of the Cell Jr falling onto the ground, so maybe he wasn't dead, if that helps with the numbers. In one part, right after we cut to Chi Chi and Ox King Cell thinks: So this is the power Goku was bragging about... Lets just see how he goes against all five of them! Before that he only kills 2. One of the two that were going to kill Krillin and the first one. 2 + 5 = 7. After the five of them go after cell he hits three of them. hit 2 and destroyed one. we can be pretty sure he killed at least one because they put that light on. After that he is fighting three of them. If those three all died then one must have gotten up from being hit. So you decide, was it a slipup or did one get up? Oh yeah, in my last comment I accidentally said SSJ3, sorry about that =)
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Freeza Frost writes:
The 8th Jr. is named Billy. He survived the attack.
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