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Legally Blonde - Reflections
Ok, When Reese's character gets hit on by her professor...and the other chick (The one with the brown hair-don't know her name) Peeks in through the door and sees him feeling her up. Then she leaves, and shortly after Reese storms out and heads for the elevators. Well, when she goes to the first elevator...hits the button and she hears the "ding" for the 2nd elevator...she stands in front of it as the door opens...and the slip-up is that there is a plaque on the other side of the hall where you can see the girl that saw the professor hit on Reese. And she was supposedly have walked up behind her, And when She appears in front of the elevator...Reese looks surprised!!
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Contributed By: Gabriella on 07-29-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Gabriella writes:
I'm the person who wrote the slip make it more clear...the plaque was on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HALL...meaning the Girl was between the two elevators Elle was in front of, and therefore should have seen the girl standing between the elevators IN FRONT OF HER. Watch the movie, and you'll see the slip-up.
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certified_freak writes:
I say that this is a slip-up. I went and watched the movie, saw the reflection, then saw Vivian almost run up to the elevator. Elle would have seen her, and Vivian would have said something then. Even if she had just been standing there, she wouldn't have appeared to 'run up' to the elevator - what did she do, back up and then charge?
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Chris writes:
I think that this is a slip-up because when you see reflection of the girl it looks as though she is standing there waiting for her cue to enter the scene. She is waiting right where Eli just was standing so I don't think it was done on purpose.
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lizzy10 writes:
Elle was actually looking down the whole time, the only time she did look up was to press the button. She probably would not have seen her anyways. i don't think it was a slip up. i think that is how the director wanted it. the reason Elle looked surprised is because she did not expect anyone to stop the elevator door. so if you ask me it is not a slip up.
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pInKiE writes:
I saw it too. Vivian (Selma Blair) was waiting until the door was closing before she went up to Elle (Reese). I think it is a slip-up too. If you want to say something to someone, you don't wait until the last minute, you do it then.
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dianalynn writes:
If you were as upset as Elle (Reese) after that conversation, I bet you wouldn't notice the reflection of someone in a plaque next to an elevator either. I don't think it was a slip-up. plus, in case you didn't notice, Elle's character doesn't exactly pick up on a lot of things if they aren't fashion-related. :O)
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mini46 writes:
This was definitely a slipup. I noticed the very first time I saw the movie. It does appear that Selma Blair is waiting until just the right moment for the elevator door to almost close before she stops it. If she was that mad at Elle why didn't she just go up to her immediately instead of waiting for the doors to almost close?
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