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Dracula 2000 - I Knew the Queen Was Old but This Is Just Insane
Okay, this one could have been avoided by anyone with a quarter of a brain. In the flashback scene near the end of the movie. Where Dracula, as a man hangs himself, coins fall out of his pocket and hit the ground. On a close-up of the coins you'll see what appears to be the front of a Canadian quarter with the Queen's face on it. You knew that Dracula used Canadian currency in 200 B.C.
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Contributed By: MOVIE GUY on 07-27-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Vamp writes:
Ok, obviously the other 3 people who have commented didn't understand what the slip-up was saying. I understand it, however, I think it's wrong. We know that the coin should have an image of Caesar on it so the question becomes was the likeness closer to Caesar or closer to the Queen. I zoomed in on it and compared it to two Canadian coins I have. I have a two dollar coin from 1996 and a 5 cent coin from 1986. On both of these the Queen's hair is covering her ear and she looks like woman (duh, I know she is, just hear me out). The coin in the scene shows the ear of the person on it. It also has a masculine appearance. I realize that often it is hard to tell if a person on a coin is male or female especially if the coin is older. However, I think the image on the coin in the movie is clear enough to eliminate the Queen as a possible candidate. If there are other Canadian coins out there with different pictures of her then I could be wrong, but based on the two I have it's not the Queen on the coin in the movie. Sorry this is so long, just wanted to make sure I explained myself properly.
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RazoR writes:
He was Judas Ascarett. The disciple that betrayed Jesus,so that didn't take place 200 B.C.It was more at the beginning of A.D. time.
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pr_frink writes:
Yes, it is a modern version, but if you'll notice, he says FLASHBACK scene. So it takes place before modern day.
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Taylor writes:
Yeah, but he was still supposed to be over 2000 years old.
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WastedElement writes:
It's a modern day version of "Dracula".
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