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Full House - Same Set of Stairs
Through various episodes of Full House, the family will use the stairs by the kitchen to go upstairs. Well the camera shows them walking to the top and they end up in front of Michelle's room (and across from the bathroom). In the (early) episode where DJ gets dumped by Michael (Jonathon Brandis), she is upstairs in her room moping. Danny, Jesse, and Joey come home from the Charity Auction and go upstairs to talk with her. They go up the stairs by the front door and once again, the camera shows the three ending up in front of Michelle's room and across from the bathroom. It's so obvious. The reason why they can't show the proper use of the kitchen stairs is because you can see the cords from the cameras on the floor. That's where the film crew films the scenes. I never actually understood why they had 2 staircases in the first place; they don't even use them properly! Who are they trying to fool?
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Contributed By: Jennifer on 06-19-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Amy writes:
This is how the staircase and hall and everything works. The stairs from the living room end up by Michelles room. The stairs from the kitchen go near Danny's bedroom at the end of the hall (they've never actually shown this, but it makes the most sense). There is a door by the landing of the staircase by Michelle's room on the left-hand wall. This door leads to another set of stairs going to the attic. I know this because Jesse started to go up to the attic when he heard crying coming from DJ's room (or something like that). You see him just about to open the door, then he leaves the door and goes to DJ's room. I know this because I design houses for fun and use floor plans and stuff. There's some clairification for ya.
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cassarina writes:
There is no way that the stairs would form a "T". Everybody who thinks that both set of stairs meet at some point need to draw the house out as best to scale. The house is a rectangle with each set of stairs on the left side of the house. The downstairs area is basically the kitchen and living room. The living room stairs form an "L" and end at Michelle's room (on the left) and the bathroom (on the right), that is if you are looking at the stairs from the hallway. The kitchen stairs form an upside-down "U" and end next to Danny's room, which is on the opposite end of the hall. The upstairs area consists of (in order) the stairs to the attic, Michelle's room, Jesse's room, and either Danny's room or some other space on the left side. The right side consists of the bathroom, Stephanie and DJ's room, and either Danny's room or some other space. The upstairs is simply a hallway connecting each set of stairs.
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Steven Smith writes:
OK...guys (and gals)....I worked on the set of Full House so I'll tell you the real truth about the stairs.....there are two sets but they each lead to a landing....Since Full House was taped in a sound stage, there was not an actual "upstairs". The bedroom scenes were filmed in another sound stage ajacent to or across the lot from the main set.
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wren writes:
Only if you pay very close attention in a couple episodes it shows Danny's door to his bedroom. But you cant see the set of stairs that come from the kitchen and we already know that there are only two ends to this hall and one has the bathroom and one has Danny's room and. So, now we know that the stairs in the kitchen dont go to make a letter "t". I guess if they dont go to where the other set of stairs go they must go to the attic or somewhere we dont ever see!
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Tami writes:
Okay, I had all this in my head and it made sense, until it occurred to me that Danny has a fireplace in his room that connects to the one downstairs. The three guys use it to listen to DJ's first party and freak out over Kimmy's plan to play spin the bottle. So how does that fit into the layout? Maybe I don't understand how fireplaces work, as I don't have a lot of experience with such things, but it seems like that would be a hiccup in the whole thing.
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dwillman writes:
I am trying to find a picture of the front door. I love the stained glass in that door and would love to make that pattern for myself. Anybody got any ideas how to get the pattern?
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Di writes:
Think about it. Envision it. the stairway is like the letter T the stairs being the cap on the letter. The left side comes from the living room, the right side from the kitchen. The remaining part of the letter is the hall. Therefore, no matter which side you come up, you still end up in the same place! If you stood in the doorway between these two rooms, you could see what I mean.
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Jennifer writes:
OK, I'd just like to say that you couldn't be more wrong. And your "envisioning" went a little out of place. It just so happens that this is the most popular mistake ever made on this show. Don't believe me? Just look on this site where somebody posted the SAME slip-up. (After me, of course) And also take a look at and see for yourself. It's under the "mistakes" section. And maybe you'd think first before commenting falsely on someone's contribution to the site?
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