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WWF Raw is War - Lion Tamer?
At Raw,a couple of weeks ago...Stone cold was talking about a match where he versed Chris Jericho...Chris Jericho submission is "The walls of Jericho"Stone cold said that Y2J got him locked in a "lion tamer" and he said it twice,but lion tamer use to be his finishing move in WCW,but this is the WWF.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-18-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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GWF03 writes:
The reason for knee movement in the Lion Tamer / Walls of Jericho is that is WCW once Jericho had applied the move it was never broken by a rope break. The WWF (or WWE as they are now called) decided they wanted rope breaks so jericho had to move the knee. I personally think this makes the move less violent looking
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Mr_Sexyfun writes:
It's a pity...In his early career he would put his opponent almost at a 90' angle with this move. It looked devistating. In the later years of his career it somewhat now looks like just a inneffective Boston crab. He was my favourite wrestler upto this point. The Board must of banned him from using the original Lion tamer/ Walls of Jericho...It actually does look very painful, even when it's staged.
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C writes:
Actually, it was called the Lion Tamer, even when he was in World Wrestling Federation (WWF), it was changed later. Even in the Wrestle-mania 2000 game, it's called the lion tamer.
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tomgreen writes:
The move is different, watch a WCW tape with the lion tamer, then watch the walls, there different, see the placement of jerichos knee, see the torque on the victims back. The Walls is an elevated boston crab, the tamer has the knee in for extra effect
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Spike2005 writes:
Well yeah they are the same. But as you notice Jericho used to be standing up kind of when he had the persons legs in the Lion Tamer/Walls of Jericho but now he is fully sitting down in a boston crab. I heard it was because it caused less pain to the opponent. Not that what I said matters in this topic just pointing it out.
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Brendan writes:
This IS the same move, just with a different name, maybe this is the name Stone Cold refers to the move as.
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Nathan writes:
It is basically the same move but.... The reason this is a slipup is it would be the same as calling the tombstone just a piledriver. Or the Spinarooni a breakdancing move Wrestlers gimmicks are protected and if they rename their move it should be called that. Noone else does a Tombstone and if anyone else used the submission Y2J did it would be called a Lion Tamer(unless of course it was placed on Y2J then it would be the Walls of Jericho to signify the humiliation that is supposed to come from having your own move used on you)
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Pyromaniac writes:
The lion tamer is the exact same move as the walls of Jericho except its just an alternative name for it thats all nothing to break sweats about!!!!!!!!!!!!
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skip writes:
Austin use to be in the WCW...Walls of Jericho is exactly like the Lion tamer Anyone could have made that mistake
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