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Moulin Rouge - Breathing Hard?
There's a scene where Nicole Kidman walks up a few steps. Granted, we all know that they are lip singing, but Nicole seems to be out of breath and she is clearly breathing in and out (like 2 or 3 breaths) yet she still manages to keep singing. I don't know.... it just looked bad
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Contributed By: sweetdea20 on 06-18-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Satine writes:
As another person has stated, Satine has consumption (tuberculosis) it is a disease which effects the lungs, which you might have caught onto when she coughs up blood all the time? well, anyway, I think the whole point of her trying to catch her breath was to show that she did have consumption and that is an effect of it. Also, all the actors did their own singing in the movies, it was their own voices, on the DVD in some of the extras that were there it also tells us that for the majority of the movie the voices were not prerecorded either! (I think they did a great Job!)
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Satine27 writes:
She WAS actually singing on camera. I read an article where director himself was quoted saying that the actors were not lip singing, they were actually singing on camera. You can tell by actually listening to the sound track, many of the songs are sung differently than in the movie. Sorry, your slip up is invalid. You need to breathe to sing.
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Icetopaz writes:
During the making of this film, if you watch it closely, Nicole Kidman mentions the recording of the music. Then she mentions that during the shoot how nervous she was because the director made them sing it live to shoot it. So it wouldn't look fake. So all of the singing is real on the film. And I, as a former singer, know that when you are conducting physical activity (yes, even walking) while belting out notes with all of your voice, you become winded. That and like everyone else said... hell... she had consumption. During her first song she gasps for air before falling. She's a good actress.
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Ti Moune writes:
Actually, both Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor did their own singing. They were not dubbed. I have the CD. If you read the little credit things, it does say that they sang.
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PImpernelPippin writes:
Yes they did actually sing their own stuff --Ewan is brilliant and adorable, and Nicole is quite good; they were both on key and that worked for me-- but it did look like the versions of the songs in the films were prerecorded and that they were lip synching....but maybe it's just my eyes. I think I read that someone said Mr Luhrmann said they sang on set? (and if they did, kudos to Nicole for being able to sing while they're throwing her around down on the stage).
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Shelle writes:
They weren't all lip syncing, Ewan is actually singing and he really does sound like that!
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JelloWaitress writes:
I was going to object to the "lip singing" comment, but I see everyone else has already done that. The other thing is that she is have to breathe, and breathe deep...of course it's going to look like she's breathing only at certain moments...And it's a have to be able to sing to be in a musical...
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Alli writes:
Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor really do sing in the movie. I have the soundtrack and they do sing. Nicole isn't that great but she's good. Ewan is a great singer.
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Erin writes:
They are really singing, I think. Why would they possibly cast people who couldn't sing, for a musical (well, I consider it a musical, but others may think differently)?
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missmeatloaf writes:
Actually, she really does sing in the movie, and it's a musical. Of course it's not going to be realistic. They aren't really just going to break out into song...
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Chase Potter writes:
They do actually sing during the movie, but may be lip-syncing as well. Many times actors record the music then film to it, lip-syncing. It provides much better sound. A good example of this can be seen in the "Bloopers" or "Making Of..." on the "Little Shop Of Horrors" DVD.
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loose-wheel writes:
Yes they did sing for the movie but it was pre-recorded and they were lip syncing. They did sing on camera for a few scenes but not all of them.
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sarahmascara writes:
She has consumption!!!! Give the poor slut a break, she's sicker than an old man in a strip club! And she wouldnt be lip syncing, would she, this movie is set before microphones were invented. Even though in reality, they arent singing... It's just really good acting and attention to detail that you thought was a slip up. Sorry, wrong answer!
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