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Matrix, The - Clip Extension?
In the last scenes where Neo is shot by the agent, Neo is shot once, checks himslef for blood and then is shot again. He falls to the wall and you see two bullet wounds.
The screen the changes and Neo is shot at least seven more times, and yet the agents choose to use the most powerful clip gun in the world a Desert Eagle probably .375 or maybe the .50EA version. This presents a few problems;
1) Desert Eagle can only hold 7 bullets in a normal clip. The agents do not have clip extensions and so are cheating then.
2) Neo is shot roughly 9 times with a D.E, this poses a small problem as there are only 4 bullet entry wounds.
3) A D.E at short range would have gone through him and straight into the opposite wall, this would have made a cricket/baseball sized hole in his back.
There are a few more of these clip problems ill point out ;
During the Lobby shot out one of the guards dives in front of another and radios for help. The camera is at an angle so that you can see the bullet hole appearing the the geezer behind him just where he was diving. So the bullets went through him!
In the Lobby again Neo fires about 7 shots a piece from his dual berrettas, I thought berrettas had large clips of 15!
On the roof the agent and neo are hooting each other, neo shoots first with 2 Barrettas (Wep of choice i guess) and he fires about 10-12 shots, u see the guns have still got ammo in and he throws them down, the agent the shoots 7 times at neo and walks over to him, says the quote "Only Human" and goes to shoot him with an empty gun, but strange he must have reloaded in fast motion!!
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Contributed By: Mike Kite on 06-18-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Firestorm writes:
Officially they shouldn't be able to jump 20 meters across to another building either, but...
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JoSEbiLLygOaT writes:
I'd hate to burst your bubble, but I don't see this to be a slip-up. It's not like something is there that shouldn't be or something along those lines. It's a frikkin clip. These gun inconsistencies are most likely noticed only by a select few, you being one of those. This is really no big deal. It was meant to look cool, to fit in the frames of the movie.....the MOVIE. Not real life. The point of a movie: entertain and look good, not please every nit-picker on the planet.
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rambo357 writes:
Another Thing Buddy, the bullets the agents are using in the movie (examined more closely when neo stops them in midair) are FULL-METAL JACKETS, which definitely wouldn't expand enough to create a baseball sized hole in neo's back, however there should be some holes in the wall that seem to be missing
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Mykross writes:
The desert eagle 50AE with CCI Speer GDHP(gold dot hollow point) rounds, will make the aforementioned baseball sized hole at any range up to about 25 yards. After that, they will not exit. But... as Rambo357 mentioned, they are using full metal jackets. One problem there, in the final shooting scene(when Neo says 'No' and the bullets stop, you can see that the FMJ bullets have open lead bases, which is very common in large caliber bullets. Little known fact, and here's the problem, firing FMJ with open lead bases in a DEP, will severly foul the gas port within about 7-10 rounds, cause the weapon to cease functioning, and cause it to "battery jam". This is when the slide locks closed with a round chambered, and will not retract(pain in the butt.) But Rambo, you are right, FMJ's would go straight through him.
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Eurisko writes:
with regards to Neo discarding the Barrettas before he'd exhausted them: isn't it possible he thought "hey, hang on, he's dodging these bullets, therefore it is pointless continuing."? he didn't have to empty the clips to come to this conclusion. therefore it's plausible for Neo to discard the Barettas before emptying the clip.
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Benbo writes:
Even though Neo is shot 9 times during the first part of this sequence, there are, after all, 3 agents. This means that a total of 21 bullets could be fired before any of the agents reload. Therefore, there are an extra 12 bullets total remaining in all the agents' guns altogether.
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