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Tomb Raider: The Movie - Wet Shirt
Right when the other tomb raider gets stabbed and falls in the water, Laura goes down and gives him a breath. When she dives in, she has on a white shirt. But, when she comes out of the water, her shirt is blue. Whoops.
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Special Requirements: dvd
Contributed By: viktoad on 06-18-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Sway999 writes:
If you payed attention, you would notice that her shirt isn't blue, it's gray. After she goes into the water and comes out, her shirt is dark gray (not blue), which happens for some reason with gray shirts, they turn from light gray when dry to dark gray when wet (don't believe me, try it with a gray shirt!)
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TLF writes:
Firstly, the water was boiling, it actually caused weird weather conditions in the studio when they were filming. Secondly, Lara does give Alex mouth-to-mouth, it's in the script, but it only looks like she's kissing him from the way the scene was cut. Thirdly, her shirt was light blue. When she dived into the water, it went dark blue in the way cotton shirts like that do when wet. When she was fighting with Powell, she had gone back in time to before she dived in, so it was light blue again. And fourthly, her name is Lara, not Laura. I've checked all these facts, and they should explain everything. OK? =)
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derek croft writes:
Yeah I noticed that too. But it's not a slip-up, If you pay attention you will see its blue because its wet and the lighting. Watch her move and it will turn blue, white, blue, and white. Lara not Laura -derek
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Slv3rDragn writes:
Actually, most fabrics appear darker after being soaked in water, so an apparent "color change" is pretty much normal.
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AJK writes:
Uh... no. It was a blue shirt to start with. Not white, not a slipup. Sorry.
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David writes:
mabey her nipples got really cold and turned blue....thus dying the shirt blue..because the water was cold
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FREAK5_25_89 writes:
For starters, it was not a shirt, it was hole white outfit. And her OUTFIT was gray after got out of the water, and it was because it was WET! DID THAT EVER OCCUR TO YOU?
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Ihearvoices writes:
Well I just went and say the movie this past weekend, and I can't for the life of me remember what color her shirt was. However, The water was not cold. If I remember correctly, when the planets start moving the water is boiling and whe n she comes up for air and gets out she is not shivlering. So I believe the water is hot and/or warm and I honestly don't remember the color of the shirt.
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Dan writes:
Lara did not give Alex a breath of air, she kissed him. She was showing him that she loved him.
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