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Tomb Raider: The Movie - Physics
Do you remember the part where Lara stops time and reverses the knife on Mr Powel? The Knife is moving forward when Lara stopped time but when Lara reversed the knifes' position and time was resumed it somehow changed direction and went back to Mr Power. Now how Lara was able to reverse the direction of the knife just by changing the position in mid air I don't know, if my physics is right the knife would've kept going straight but would've hit Alex on the handle not the blade. Well I guess those millions were spent on Angelina's ...ahem ...padding not the script.
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She couldn't just grab the handle?
She couldn't just grab the handle?
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-17-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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steve writes:
You are absolutely right I noticed that slip up too. It's almost more than a slip up, rather a major flaw in the movies plot. This slip up cannot be argued with because obviously the triangle is the time transporter but the user(Lara) must be the one to actually physically alter time so all the laws of physics should still be obeyed and the knife would still him the guy(just handle first).
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AJK writes:
If you're going to pick holes in the plot, why not the BIG holes? I mean, you're saying that it's a slip-up that the knife hit Powell. Well, do you know what I noticed in the same scene? Lara was changing time!!! Seriously - since no-one has ever actually travelled through time using the ancient Triangle of Light, how can you possibly know how the knife would behave? Just because it would move handle-first in normal time doesn't mean it wouldn't move blade-first in Lara's altered time. Get my point? :)
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Five_by_Five writes:
For all of those out there who thought this was a slipup, its not! When Angelina Jolie "fixed" time, she also forced the knife with her bare hands, in the opposite direction, so it would hit the person that threw it!
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LaraRulz writes:
Ok, someone might have said this already, but because Lara changed time, the knife would've gone backwards if she had, "rewinded time", which is sort of what she did.but because she changed time, Powell wouldn't have known that she reversed time(duh!). SO, even if he had known about the knife, because she reversed the blade, it would've gone through his hand anyway! Just thought I'd mention that...
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TLF writes:
I would have quite liked to have seen that knife hit Alex and let Lara make an utter fool of herself...
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Winnie writes:
If you watch the direction that she turns it she turns it down and around. If you want to think of it that way then it just curved back and around instead of going straight. That is also possibly why she didn't just turn it to the side and around and save herself the cutting of her hands.
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baby_g writes:
As you saw, Alex didn't get killed (again), because the knife was travelling backwards. TIME WAS REVERSED. If Lara didn't turn the knife around, the knife still would've hit Mr. Powell, just not kill him because the blade was facing the other way. So this IS NOT a slip-up.
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tweetyluva writes:
Ok, I'm going too set everything straight. 1-when the knife did hit Mr. Powell time was NOT rewinding in was going perfectally normal because after she shot the triangle, Lara's capability of rewinding time is gone so time starts going normally again. 2-The knife had FORWARD momentem so when Lara changed the direction of forward for the knife the knife just continued with the momentum it had which was forward 3-Lastly if your acctually looking for a slip up in this scene how about the fact that when Mr. Powell threw the knife at Alex it was traveling like an arrow instead of flipping threw the air (like this | becomes / becomes - becomes \ becomes |). In order for it to be traveling the way it is Mr. Powell would of had to use a bow to shoot it.
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Sean Baker writes:
I thought about that heaps aswell and i came to a conclusion. ITS FREAKING MAGIC
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