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Tomb Raider: The Movie - Ancient People Were Geniuses
OK, this is a slip up I think in the plot. The whole story revolves around the triangle that sets off a control in time when the nine planets in the Solar System are aligned. How in the world did the ancients know that there was a Solar System? or nine planets? Or that the planets revolved around the sun? If I read my History books right, people back then thought the whole universe revolved around the Earth. It took Galileo to figure that out. And Pluto and the rest of the nine planets wasn't discovered for a long time after. I know it's picky, but shouldn't the producers read up on stuff like that before?
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Contributed By: Bob_Rodriguez on 06-17-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Eurisko writes:
The knowledge of a Solar System, consisting of nine planets revolving around a sun, is knowledge we can not assume 'the ancients' went without. In fact, there are a couple of 'ancient' civilisations that had astronomical knowledge far superior to (and including) this. Just a few things about your question... Galileo didn't 'figure' anything out. Copernicus (1473-1543) formulated the Heliocentric Theory, which states that Earth and all other planets revolve around the Sun. Galileo (1564-1642) was an outspoken follower of this theory. Well, as long as I'm being pedantic, eighteen centuries before these two appeared, Aristarchus of Samos formulated the Heliocentric Theory of the Solar System. Galileo published a book in 1632 stating that this Theory was correct. And just for no reason what-so-ever, Pluto was discovered in 1930 (seeing's how you mentioned it, and all...) A case in point would be the Egyptians. The Pyramids of Giza were built over a period of about 70 years, starting with Cheops in 2570 B.C. These pyramids are said to be a perfect representation of the 3 stars of Orion's belt (yeah yeah yeah, who hasn't heard that before?), with the Nile nicely standing in as the terrestrial, Egyptian version of the astronomical Milky Way. Then, of course, we have the Mayans. Highly skilled astronomers. These people applied complex mathematical models with complete accuracy to chart sunspot activity, and knew the correlation between sunspots and the body's production of the hormone melatonin. They understood the principles of the Earth's magnetic fields and especially the poles, and were able to plot on their calendars when an inversion of said poles would take place (up until the year 2012). On their buildings; doorways or doorway ornamentations would mark the rising, culmination or setting of a star. They were able to predict eclipses accurately. Their calculations for the lunar month was only off by seven minutes. They charted the long-term movement of all the planets up to and including Jupiter. They were among the first subscribers to the Heliocentric Theory. In short? I don't think it's the producers that need to read up on things... and hey, it's not impossible that an artefact of an ancient civilisation could reflect this Theory. It pushes the line of extreme possibility to the limits, but it's not as if the producers did no research at all and just phoned in a couple of lines about astronomy and ancient civilisations to make it all seem nice and pretty. I've spent far too much time on this; I'm giving up now.
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PMS Avenger writes:
The story-line could be that it's a secret society that are privy to that information but could not reveal what they believed because its a secret therefore letting Galileo come forward with the relevant information. Another thing: Its A MOVIE. Good fun and Entertaining.It doesn't have to be historically correct. Thanks
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TLF writes:
How did the Ancient Egyptians and the Druids figure out how to move huge stone blocks weighing several tons each without the use of wheels? The ancients were smart people, apparently smarter than some of those let loose on the Internet today...
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dudezippo writes:
They had access to time travel and you are getting picky about planetary alignment?
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Slv3rDragn writes:
Yeah, um, long story short (no offense, Eurisko), you could say that many ancient peoples knew more about astronomy than the present-day man does. What I'm saying is that it's not unusual for the "ancients" to have known about the nine planets. Many were actually quite advanced in their knowledge. Also, the idea that the Earth is at the center of the solar system was widely accepted in Europe, but one possible reason why one would think this was the predominant belief was because the Church punished "heretics" who said otherwise. As a result, many may have supported the Heliocentric Theory but were too afraid to speak up about it.
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Jeremy writes:
Ok, I am a Tomb Raider freak! I know the movie in and out, and although all of you gave good advice here, this is the real problem with the slip-up. First of all, you've got the plot all wrong. The ancient tribe didn't have to know about planets, it had nothing to do with that. They formed the triangle out of metal from the crash site of a meteor that had fallen to Earth during the allignment of the planets...and they abused its power, end of story. Lara's father is the one who let's us know about the allignment. Also, the planets only need to allign to activate the triangle, not continue its power. So, leave the poor, naive tribesmen out of this one...
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FREAK5_25_89 writes:
If the ancient Greek knew about the solar system, then what makes you think that the the ancient tribe in the movie "Tomb Raider" couldn't?
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El Gran Emperador writes:
Though Galileo was the one that confirmed that the sun was the center of the solar system, there were others before him that believed in the Heliocentric Theory.
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Kloaked00 writes:
The plot could have happened in actual time. The plot line is that the ancient people lived in Antarctica. If the Europeans and other people had JUST discovered North America back then, then how in the world could they have known about people living on the bottom of the world?
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