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Wayne's World - Bugs Bunny
In the scene where Wayne and Garth are sitting on the car by the airport, the were talking waiting for the planes to fly over. They started the scene and got through the dialogue right before when the plane was suppose to come. Only the plane was a little bit late. Spontaneously, Dana Carvey (Garth) asked Wayne if he found Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played girl bunny. This was not in the script. You can tell by Wayne's laugh that it wasn't expected. Just then the plane came and the director decided to keep the line in the movie
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Contributed By: oponm on 01-06-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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HoliRae writes:
When Mike Myers laughs in this scene it is not at what Dana Carvey said in the movie. The director did use extra footage of Mike laughing at something Dana said to him that was not in the script, so that is Mike's real laugh cut into the scene. This is in the directors commentary on the Wayne's World DVD.
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Ian192 writes:
Trivia or slip up, That's a way cool little bit of information. I love things like that. Wish there were more of them.
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Sneaky Weasel writes:
I always thought that the way Wayne laughed in that scene was weird - because if you think about it, Wayne doesn't actually laugh much in the movie, he just says "excellent", or "all right" whenever something funny happens.
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joeperry writes:
Is everyone sure that it is a mistake, because it didn't seem like improv at all. I thought Wayne's laugh was hilarious and it was seamless in the movie... what is the verification of the fact?
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Suzy writes:
Actually, I was watching the DVD of the movie, and there is an extra of Mike Meyers talking about certain things in the movie. He doesn't say that the entire "line" wasn't in the movie. He just says that the director put sound clips of him really laughing because while not expecting, Dana Carvey was making him laugh really hard, and they thought it sounded better to put that in the movie, rather than fake laughing.. Hope this makes sense!
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Joey Jo Jo writes:
Probably belongs in the trivia section rather than the mistakes section.
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Sneaky Weasel writes:
Still, that's a great bit of improvisation going there.
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Itchy writes:
He really doesnt laugh much in the movie, its more just grins and thumbs ups and stuff like that..
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Deia_jazz writes:
This is not a slip up.. you clearly say the director decided to keep this in the movie ! thats not a slip up then , although not intentional its just improv . like Matt Perry does in most episodes of Friends . Although a great little mistake during filming , its not a slip up.
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Paraniod fishy writes:
Um, no. I have the DVD which has a little thing that interveiws the actors and stuff. What happend (according to the DVD)is that WAS in fact scripted, but Mike Myers was laughing real hard at somthing completely different that Dana Carvey had said before. He was just supposed to say "No!" not laugh. So there was a screw up in that scene, but it wasn't what you said.
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