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Matrix, The - Tank has Never Been in an Airplane
About one hour and 7 minutes into the movie, when Neo is taken to see the Oracle and everyone is plugging in, Tank says "everyone please observe, the fasten seat belt and no smoking signs have been turned on, sit back and enjoy the ride." Now, at first this does not seem suspicious, but Tank was born in Zion, an underground city, he has never been in an airplane. I suppose theoretically, someone who use to be in the Matrix could have told Tank about what is told to the passengers, but why would Tank say it as though he "understands" the significance of this (i.e. using it as if he knows it)? This is nothing major but somebody who edited the script should have noticed this. Or maybe this will be explained in one of the sequels :)
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Contributed By: Mad-Man on 01-06-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Alric writes:
He watches the matrix every day. I'm sure he's looked into enough airplanes to know.
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MattB writes:
Don't we all use dated terms from time to time? I've never ridden a horse in my life but I don't give someone a blank look because they say they are 'back in the saddle' and I've never been on a steam powered ship but if someone said something was going 'full steam ahead' I would still understand them.
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Kroh writes:
Or maybe those plug-in chairs really do have fasten your safety belts and no smoking signs on them.
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Quantum writes:
Maybe he knows about other people saying it in the Matrix. He can't go in the matrix himself, but he can watch it on the screen and he seems to understand it. And i'm sure i've said some things without understanding their significance.
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ultimatefishook writes:
Ok, Come on. He is in the future(2199). When he was a kid he popped in his "The Matrix" DVD(since it was made in 1999) and watched it. He saw himself say it and he thought it to be a nessecary thing to do. But really he probably saw it on some form of movie they have still.
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Lexi writes:
Okay, people, here we go: Yes, Tank grew up in an underground city. But, this was not the only city ever to exist, it was just the last one left. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but we as people have such things called history books. These generally tell us about the cultures of other people and places from years ago up to the present. We also have internet access and newspapers and all kinds of resources to tell us what's going on in other countries, and these resources, if from earlier times, are generally filied away for future use, and if from present, the same is done. Now, please tell me this: do you believe that just perhaps Tank has read about history and maybe in the past (which could even be our "now" or "future" as their time period is 2199 or so) they had planes. Maybe he even read books that had planes in them or saw movies. Remember, we're talking about intelligent people here! He could very easily have gotten info about planes through his life. What you're saying is basically parallel to this: I can't know anything about corsettes or what they did for a woman because I live in a time period where we no longer use them. Come on! Research is the key people!
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Hobbes writes:
He also reffers to the old "Life" Cereal commercials by saying "Hey Mikey, I think he likes it!" Anyone who has worked on one computer subject THEIR ENTIRE LIFE, could pick up info on a plane (remember the training programs? Maybe the fella likes a little reserch). But "Hey Mikey, I think he likes it!"? C'mon, screw the plane question, when did he EVER get the chance to see old 60's commercials? On a lighter side: When Neo is about to save Trin' from the crashing helicopter, there is a flash of Morpheus. The look on his face makes him look like a genie, training his apprentice. Gah ha! Morpheus is Mr. Clean!
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Olethos writes:
There are many expressions in our everyday speech that most people do not know the origins of. They use them correctly to get the intended meaning across, but do not know what the expression actually means. For example: "The whole nine yards". You may said that at one point or another, but do you really know what it means? I do, but I'll leave it to you folks who don't to look it up for yourselves.
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abi writes:
Look, I've never been on a plane, yet I know that they have those signals that say to put out cigarettes or whatever, and that you have to 'fasten your seatbelt'. Most people would know these phrases. You see htem in movies, people say them, it's part of life. Maybe some of the people who sit and look for 'slip ups' in a movie should just sit back and enjoy it? Or at least find a worthwhile slip up?
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Scolman writes:
At the beginning, when Neo is looking for Morpheus on the computer, an article comes up saying "Morpheus eludes police at Heathrow Airport (can't remember if it's Heathrow, but it is an airport) Maybe thats where he picked it up from.
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garethgazz writes:
Anyone ever though that it's just a little saying that people know. Hardly a slip up. Anyway whats to say other vehicles dont have the same things.
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Chaotic_freek writes:
tank spends all of his time helping them hack the matrix, that's all they do... don't you think he'd know a lot about the time the matrix was built to resemble? Afterall, it is kinda the main topic of discussion in their time.
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C-Mike writes:
He probably meant it as a joke or something, like when Cypher says "buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy," and since Neo's name is not "Dorothy", it was most likely a joke.
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Rolfus writes:
Let us not forget that this is the latest incarnation of the Matrix... The first few were disasters... So it is possible to have been born before THIS matrix was invented...
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Martin writes:
I think that Alric's right. Tank is supposed to be watching the matrix all the time so he probably would have seen what it was like there.
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Underbrush writes:
tadabyashi, i think there wasnt a "one" before neo. duh listen to the movie neo IS the one! he freed ppl, they erased his mind later!
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mudgemeister writes:
Neo is the second coming of the One, as Morpheus said that in the beginning that was The One and he did release the first of them from the Matrix, when he died the Oracle forsaw his return, that's why all the potential "One"s go to see her.
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cradle17 writes:
You would have thought that Tank studies the Matrix. It's what he does. He's an operator. You also would have thought that he might have been watching an airplane at some point (maybe Morpheus was in one once, whatever) and he just picked up the comment.
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rhys115 writes:
OK people people people, I have heard this thing so many times it isn't funny, so here we go, even though he has never been in the Matrix, don't you think that the people that were saved by Morphius or others from the inside might have said something about a plane once in a while, and if they did maybe tank said "Hey what's an airplane?" and then they would explain it to him. Plus, what do you think that they call flying ships then the name "airplane" hasn't changed since the Wright brothers, so why would it change then???
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tankersgrl writes:
about the "Hey Mikey, I think he likes it!?" they do play reruns you know, and it's just a cute comment none the less so yea know go with the flow, there are possibilities
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Agent Jones writes:
To TRiNiTY who asked "who freed all the people of Zion, including Morpheus and the crew"? Remember that Zion is "the LAST human city; the only place we have LEFT" and though "we don't know who struck first - us or them", the Machines clearly were trying to take the cities and incarcerate the human powerpacks. Zion was the one last city the Machines hadn't conquered - "once Zion is destroyed there is no need for me to be here, don't you understand?"
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Kitten writes:
Here's a thought: what if the oracle is part of the Matrix like the agents are. The agents knew NEO was different, the oracle knew NEO was different. Only something part of the Matrix could recognize the one who could manipulate it.
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Mykross writes:
Hovercrafts? Seat belts? Hmmm... Maybe...
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nitpick.spoiler writes:
I bet Tank watches movies just like you do. That could perhaps be where he picked it up.Sorry
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Mad-Man writes:
Tank could not have known it from before the Matrix because the Matrix is a lot older than he is. Yes, he could have heard of it from others, but it does not seem likely that he would say it so casually. I mean, yeah, after Terminator came out, everybody thought it was cool to say "I'll be back" in Schwarzenegger's accent, but I thought I would point it out anyway.
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lost_in_brain writes:
I can imagine that Zion has futuristic vehicles like the one Tank drove around, so they probably have some fancy public vehicles that fly through the underground gaps to transport people.
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Tadabiyashi writes:
Zion was created after "the one" (before Neo) broke free and unplugged some people. They then created Zion and ships then appointed crewmembers. The crew recieve a mission then venture out to a spot where they can hack in to the Matrix.(all guesses) They could have had an assignment that had to do with planes and Tank could have heard the announcement. But generally I support the "He saw movies" statement.
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bzerK writes:
Did you think that he may know about this stuff from REAL life before the Matrix (lost my DVD so correct me if I'm wrong, but maybe he was in REALITY as a kid)?? Or he could have heard about planes from others in Zion.
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TRiNiTY writes:
To begin with, Tank was a "genuine child of Zion" as he said so himself, as is his brother Dozer, so that rules out any possibility of him having experienced a plane before the sky was scorched. This doesn't however elimate the possibility of planes still in existance within Zion, however it seems quite unlikely given the story line. The most possible explanation is word of mouth. We don't have to have experienced something, or even entirely understand it in order to say it. I think a few peoples comments on this page prove that. One note to Underbrush, of course there was "one" before Neo. Listen to what Morpheus says. And please consider, if there wasn't someone else before Neo, who freed all the people of Zion, including Morpheus and the crew. In addition, to Rolfus who stated that there were previous versions of the Matrix, may I point out that there was only one, however it was too perfect and the human race couldn't handle it. This is also a possible reference to the Garden of Eden, just to add to the list of Biblical and religion allegories in the movie.
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Zanthor writes:
He couldn't have been born before the Matrix because the year is around 2199, and the matrix is back in 1999.
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Sully85 writes:
This is a good slip up. I don't care what you guys say about history books etc. If someone asked me what the standard safety procedures for a covered wagon (not that they have any but you know what I mean) I wouldn't know what to say. Good slip up.
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gilligan943 writes:
He may have been born before the matrix because the oricle was there from the begining and she didn't seem all that old
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