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Dragonball Z - What's in a Name?
This isn't that big of a deal, I'm just bored. But in the episode when Goku is traveling to Namek, and he about to run into that big thingy whatever it is. He gets on top of the ship and fires his kamehameha x20 at it... Anyways his name tag says "Gokuh"..yet whenever his name appears as the title of one of the shows, it is spelled Goku. Me thinks its another Funamation mess up? Or maybe I need glasses!
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-16-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Spike writes:
thats the original spelling for goku just like Piccoro is piccolo and tiennishan is tien to name a few
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Namekian writes:
No, Goku's original name is "Son Gokou". But you're right about Piccolo though.
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DBZDude writes:
Man well I guess you guys got to it before I did, but yes they are correct. The original spelling is Gokuh, or Gokou, so therefore, they left that spelling there on purpose and it is not a mess up.
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surkle writes:
I'm not an expert of Japanese, but I think it's safe to say that any character names written in the ENGLISH alphabet are debatable. Because it involves a drastic change in alphabet, the only thing that really counts is pronunciation, and I think most English speakers would pronounce, "Goku", "Gokou", and "Gokuh" the same. This is also why so many names (before FUNi decides how THEY want to spell them) will have r's and l's interchangeable, because there's no difference between those consonant sounds in Japanese.
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Bibs writes:
Goku's original name is Gokuu. Some people who have absolutely no idea how to Romanize spell it Gokou (which, in Japanese, would be pronounced "go-kowe") or Gokuh (which is just stupid, there's no way a Japanese word can end with an 'h'), but it's Gokuu. The people at Toei Romanized it wrong, which often happens in Japanese cartoons (since most American people can't even spell "Gokuu" right, there's no reason a county with a completely different writing system should have to). FUNimation didn't bother to edit over it (or other names that were Japanese or misspelled, like Buruma, Kuririn, and 'CPSULECORP'), for one reason or another.
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Freeza Frost writes:
The real names are Freeza, Cell, Piccolo, Gokuu, Bulma, Tenshinhan, Chichi and Yamucha!!
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