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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - No Battle at Kittimer
Doesn't the entire premise of Star Trek VI negate the episode in The Next Generation where the Enterprise C comes forward through time right in the middle of The "Battle" at Khitomer, causing the Klingon-Federation treaty to never exist and so on. Also, weren't Worf's parents killed at that so called Battle?
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Contributed By: EricKoch on 01-05-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Tom C writes:
Here is a brief timeline for you thanks to the Star Trek: Chronology 2293: Events of Star Trek 6 2340: Worf is born 2344: Battle at Narendra 3 where the Enterprise-C is lost in a battle with the Romulans. 2346: The Romulans attack Khitomer, the USS Intrepid comes to the Klingons aid, Worf parents are killed and an engineer from the Intrepid finds Worf and adopts him. 2364-70: Star Trek: The Next Generation
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PopMaze writes:
Let me clarify this. The Enterprise-C was fighting at Narendra III, not Khitomer. The battle at Khitomer happened a long time after the events in Star Trek VI. At the battle of Khitomer, when Worf was a very young child, it was in Klingon hands. The Romulans were able to pull off a sneak attack. The closest Starfleet ship was the USS Intrepid and could not arrive in time to battle the Romulans. The peace treaty that happened at the time of the Battle of Narendra III was never specified to be at Khitomer and could just be a stepping stone in negotiating full peace. It's now generally assumed the the events of Star Trek VI was just the beginning of these stepping stones.
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StrTrkRob writes:
Yes, Worf's parents were killed in the massacre. However, that doesn't mean much in relevance to this movie, as Colonel Worf is not Lieutenant Worf's father. Michael Dorn's character in this movie is the "Grandfather of the character I play in the show [TNG]" (Quote from Michael Dorn in the 25th Anniversary Special)
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NeuroManson writes:
Well, the Star Trek and Next Generation series are supposed to be seperated by about 70-80 years... I'd say there was a 50 year period for the Battle at Kittimir, and a 20 year cooling off period between the Klingon Empire and Starfleet... So unless Worf is one of those Klingons who age exceptionally well, he wouldn't be born in the Star Trek timeline for approximately 50 years after the Undiscovered Country...
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jipsydude writes:
before you post a slip up, do some research people
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jslicer writes:
It is spelt "spelled".
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Seb writes:
It is spelt "Khitomer"
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EricKoch writes:
Allow me to clarify. The entire premise of that TNG episode was based on a big Starfleet/Klingon battle against the Romulans at the Kittimer outpost many years earlier. When the Enterprise C was pulled through time, away from that battle, the tide turned, the Klingons lost and no peace was ever made between Starfleet and the Klingons and, by TNG's time, a war had broken out between the two and Starfleet was losing. Star Trek VI was based on the premise that the peace between Starfleet and the Klingons came from Starfleet's intervention when their homeworld was in danger. There was no battle with the Romulans and the Enterprise A, not C was kind of involved. It was also mentioned, several times, that Worf's real parents were killed at the Kittimer battle that led to the Starfleet/Klingon peace. Again, according to Star Trek VI, there was no battle.
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EagleKeeper writes:
It's just a movie y'all. Come on. None of this has ever happened so it's not like it's a historical document.
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