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Star Trek III: The Search for Spock - Isn't That Just a Copy of Star Trek II?
During the scene that follows the visit from Sarek, Spock's father, Kirk is supposedly watching the security tape from the Enterprise's engineering room where Spock gives Mccoy the vulcan nerve pinch and then sacrifices himself getting the mains back on line, restoring the warp drive and allowing The Enterprise to escape the genesis explosion. Actually, what Kirk is watching is a copy of that scene from Star Trek II, complete with close ups and cut aways for dramatic effect. The camera pulls away to show Spock trying to enter the radiation chamber and then another camera, set at a different angle, picks up the close up to show Spock giving Bones his Katra. Then, camera number two kicks in to show a wide angle shot of Spock entering the chamber. It's all very nice, but come on, would it have taken all that much time to restage the scene using one camera set at one angle to make it look authentic or did they think we wouldn't care?
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Special Requirements: Star Trek III AND Star Trek II
Contributed By: EricKoch on 01-06-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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PolpDanny writes:
The enterprise is a great ship. How do you know that they don't have a director's booth controlling the security cameras? Nevermind, you're right. It was REALLY cheesy.
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Phil writes:
Of course they have a full artistic staff on the security cameras. It seems as though, at times, they have crew for every possible action of the ship. Why not have a "Security Camera Video Production" team. They also have a choreographed song-and-dance scene on the bridge at 2300 hours every night, chronicalling the day's events. ;)
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Shawn writes:
I've noticed the same occurrence throughout the original series, the Next Generation, movies and so on. Every time someone is watching a security camera image, the screen shows smooth pans, zooms and cut-aways. (Oddly, in The Menagerie, Kirk commented that no ship's log showed images in that much detail.)
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jhwk2ba writes:
Nick Meyer reused scenes from ST:TWOK because he didn't have enough time/money to do new shots.
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