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Mummy, The - Ancient or Modern?
In "The Mummy" when the mummy is about to kill (or something of that matter) the little annoying guy, the guy starts pulling out religious symbols praying to different gods to save him. One of the symbols he pulls out is the Star or David, he then proceeds to speak in Hebrew, which the Mummy recognizes as "the language of the Slaves". But the guy is speaking in modern Hebrew, which the Mummy shouldn't recognize since he was alive when they use ancient Hebrew.
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Special Requirements: knowledge of some Hebrew
Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-14-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Skyler writes:
Knowing a little too much about my religion (damn yeshiva), it surprises me that Beni did not start saying the holiest prayer of Judaism ("shema yisreal adonai elohaynu, adonai echad"), which translates into, "Hear O, Israel, God is the ruler, God is one" or something (never really did know that translation). Perhaps, along with some history reading, the producers could have done some research on religion. I'm pretty sure there are some mistakes in the other prayers that Beni rolls off his tongue to save himself from Imhotep. I did go back to that tape, and Beni is speaking modern Hebrew (obvious differences in congegations and stuff), and I had to listen real closely. I'm pretty sure Imhotep didn't know modern Hebrew. Now, if only someone who wasn't lazy like me went back to that movie, copied down the Hebrew, and got out a dictionary...
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Jessica writes:
Well, I think that you're not making a good enough observation. By the rules of what is a slip-up on this site, it says that the mistake can not be something that they cannot help. Well, just like you said, they are speaking modern Hebrew, and nobody knows ancient Hebrew. Therefore, they had to speak the modern because nobody has much knowledge of it. There you go, you do not have an actual slip up.
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nennius writes:
Could modern Hebrew sound familiar to the mummy even if didn't comprehend the words?
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