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Friends - Joey Sag/Acting Contracts
In this episode, Joey loses his insurance because he didn't work it off in the last year. According to SAG, you need to earn $7500 a year to qualify for insurance. I doubt Joey earns that much in a year. The other point is, that Joey is supposed to live in New York. If this is the case, Joey would not be under SAG contracts but AFTRA, which is the union for the east coast. Also, if you do equity stage work, you are ineligible to work on non union stage work. I dont know if Joey was a member, but technically he shouldn't have done non union stage work if he was a union member or he'd get thrown out of the union. I just thought that being a TV studio/company and hiring actors etc for jobs, that their legal team would actually pick up on this! Not that ordinary people who don't know would pick up on this.
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Contributed By: pheebs on 06-14-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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jaeffe writes:
You're talking about JOEY, right? Joey, who gave his girlfriend a copy of the Velveteen Rabbit and said, "This is 'cause I know you like rabbits, and I know you like cheese." is supposed to remember all this stuff?
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lynnalex writes:
SAG stands for Screen Actors Guild and does not apply to the West coast only. It is for anyone who works on the screen. Joey was on Days of our Lives and Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E. therefore he would be a member of SAG. AFTRA is for theatre and Joey hasn't worked on the stage in quite a while!
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pheebs writes:
AFTRA is not theater. AEA, or "Equity" is theater. Although SAG is screen actors guild, AFTRA covers the east coast, and SAG west coast, (usually). To get into SAG you need to first be a member of AFTRA or AEA then get into SAG through your parent union or else get "Taft-Hartleyed". Joey would be a SAG member but doubtful if he earned $7000.
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shesstunning writes:
Okay: AEA (Actors Equity Association) is for stage nationwide. SAG (Screen Actors Guild) is for film and television nationwide. AFTRA (American Federation of television and Radio Artists) is for television and radio nationwide. I was taft-hartleyed into AFTRA after beating out union actors for a radio spot. My ex-boyfriend was taft-hartleyed into SAG after beating out union actors for a military training film. I joined AEA after having earned enough money per week on the stage to qualify for the union. AFTRA is one of the more common unions because it covers many commercials and includes some broadcasters (broadcasters are also in IATSE, but you pretty much just need a pulse to get into IATSE, or so they say). After 1 year as a member in good standing (initiation fee and monthly dues paid), you are allowed to join of the sister unions ("the 4 As"): AFTRA, AEA, SAG, AGVA, AGMA, GIAA), by paying that union's initiation fee, etc. That is how it works. There is no order in which you must join. SAG is getting harder to get into because the current president, Melissa Gilbert, thinks there are too many actors already for too few jobs. So now you know.
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batgirl writes:
its a tv show for gods sake the average veiwer doesn't know this stuff
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[email protected] writes:
Days of Our Lives is also shot in LA and they live in NY... It's a TV show, it's not a documentary.
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