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Lion King, The - Simba's Son...Er...Daughter
We know that Simba's cub is a girl, Kiara, but at the end of the first movie it is obvious that the cub was originally going to be male - he had a little mane like Simba had, but Kiara didn't.
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Special Requirements: First and second movie
Contributed By: Kay Kay on 01-02-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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dude_of_meh writes:
Simba did have a son known as Tanabi or Kopa, but the books say Kopa so lets stick with that. He got killed when he was just a cub supposedly accidently, but one of the lionesses in the pride find out that Zira had planned it. Zira was banished along with her three cubs for the death of Kopa, and because of this Simba is over protective of his new daughter Kiara. (He doesn't want anything to like what happened to Kopa happen to her.)
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Me-Too writes:
Well, actually, a better way of looking at it is that the cub that Simba had at the end of LK1 was orange (like most male cubs such as Simba and Mufasa: with an exception to Scar and Kovu)... All lionesses seem to be a cream or beige color. Also, the male cub had markings of brown and black ears. It was obviously a different gender.
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Silver writes:
The reason for this is because when Disney made the first movie, they hadn't written the second one yet. At the end of Lion King, they showed a male cub for sake of symbolism: The Circle Of Life. They just decided to give Simba a daughter instead in Simba's Pride. So the cub at the end of Lion King wasn't meant to be Kiara, since Kiara hadn't been created by Disney yet.
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amber writes:
Not only do the cubs look different, but the entire ceremony is different... From the way the herds walk in, to where Timon and Pumbaa are standing when Rafiki lifts the cub. So my theory is that this cub from the first movie IS a male, but doesn't live long enough to be the cub in the second movie! (if you're going to get technical, It was a few years between movies!) The first cub looked a little ill anyway.. just looking around, dazed, compared to No. 2 - Kiara - who's swatting at the leafs. Also Simba and Nala's parents aren't around anymore... So who knows what went on!
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C-Mike writes:
This is because originally there wasn't even going to be a sequel. If they were going to make a sequel, then the cub would've been the same gender at the start of The Lion King 2 as at the end of The Lion King. But maybe cubs of both genders are identical. For example, look at kittens. It's hard to tell if they're male or female, right? It's not until they get a little older that you can tell what gender they are. Remember, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
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Fennec writes:
Look at Vitani from LK2, she had a tuft of fur like that too, didn't she. And Kiara was orange in that one though she was female. The lions' appearance can obviously vary greatly and has little to do with their gender. Though it is true that in this movie all the lionesses are beige and didn't have the little tufts of fur.. they changed that later. I don't consider this a slipup because at the time the movie came out, there was nothing wrong with it, it's really more of a slipup in the second movie because that's where it was changed...
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tiff writes:
if it was the same cub in the first and second lion king, why would they have had to cermonies?? did they forget the first one??? nad plus I think its as plan as day that they were different cubs.
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DREAM writes:
Simba has had like fan fiction sons and book sons. Tanabi was fan work and is not real, Kopa was in lionking 6na books sets. i am not sure weather kopa was really simbas son or not. Both charaters never made it to the movie. kopa just never became well known to lion king fans. If there was a son at the end at the lion king it would more likely of being chaka. Antill they decided to drop him out the movie and replace him with shani now kiara. so the early simbas pride simba had two cubs one names shani and one names chaka and chaka was dropped out the film aearly and shani was changed to kiara.
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Colton writes:
According to the writers of The Lion King, at the end of the first movie, it was indeed Kiara. The differences is quite simple to explain. There are a few instances where there are different things that should look the same from the first movie to the second. For example, the coloring is much darker in The Lion King 2, the voice of Sarafini (Nala's mother") plays one line of a lioness who looks nothing like Sarafini (dark eyes instead of blue like in the first movie), they changed the way they did the ceramony and when Kovu looks into the water and see's Scar, Scar's scar is on the opposite eye than it is in the first movie! So a few change ups obviously occured (especially the color difference of both movies) and that should explain why Kiara looks different from the first movie to the next one.
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Jade writes:
Ever notice how human babies can look completely different from the time they are born till they are toddlers? Some have hair that sticks up in the air when they are born, but it doesn't stay that way forever.
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crnflakegirl writes:
Oh come on, the cub just came out of it's mother for god's sake, of course it's head is going to be a little messed up for a while...
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Kay Kay writes:
to Dark Bunny of Inle: true, but compare the two cubs. The one at the end of the first movie has a tuft of fur, but the second movie cub doesn't - her head is smooth.
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DarkBunnyofInle writes:
But don't female lions have a small tuft type thingy of hair on their head?
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