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Shrek - The Princess and Her Changes
When Shrek gets sent off by that short (height wise) Lord, to rescue the princess from the dragon, so Shrek can get his swamp back, it's nighttime when Shrek finally rescues the princess. Later Shrek (and the audience) find out that the princess had a spell cast on her by a witch and during the day she looks like a princess, and at night she looks like a female oger. Now if at night she looks like a female oger, why didn't she look like a oger when Shrek rescued her? It just puzzled me.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-13-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Aquila writes:
Because it wasn't night time. DUH! It was dark because a cloud was covering the castle. Yet (and this is where the REAL slip-up is, because the tower is not reaching through the cloud) if you remember in the room where Fiona was, a shaft of sunlight was shining on her bed.
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Louise writes:
It wasn't Night Time when Shrek rescued Princess Fiona - the castle where she was imprisoned just had dark sky/atmosphere around it. As soon as they are far enough from the castle, the sky is bright and blue again!
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ihateyou2 writes:
It wasn't night time. It was still day because whenever they left the castle it was still light out.
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MasterLeo3 writes:
Did you notice what evil Farloc kdid. In the scene where all the fariy tale creatures are being taking away you see the tree bears. In the scene when all the creatures are at the swamp you see baby crying and Mother bear is not there. Then in the secene where Farlock is in bed looking at Fiona in the mirrior you notice that Farlock has a bear skin rug on the ground. I has a bow on it's head. It is Mother bear. Farlock killed mother bear. this is an outrage!!!!!
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bahman writes:
Befor shrek no one have kissed princess , and it was her day to night to be changing from an oger to a princess, but not forever, until an oger with a hard heart save her.It was night for shrek because he didn't like men and also princess.But when love penitrated his soul the day was begining.Shrek's love for princess at first was a doubtedly likeness,because he didn't knew that princess love him or not.When their doubt was gone and they kissed each other they found that there was no changes from day to night. they married and settled down and relaxed from all changes that was ever existed in the world,because they love each other.
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Corin writes:
When they got to the volcanoe, it was still light. The smoke from the volcano could've shut out any light trying to get in.
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Aquila writes:
Stevie you are on the right track to correcting Diablo but you are still wrong. You forget that Fiona had already changed into an ogre before she kissed Shrek. However, in correction to Diablo, Fiona changes from at the moment the sun disappears over the horizon. Think back a little earlier when she steps out of the old windmill to show Shrek the truth about her...the sun hadn't risen yet, but the moment it showed over the hills she turned human again. Besides, when was the last time you saw the sun set over the horizon and all of a sudden it was pitch black?
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VoiceInTheBackOfYourHead writes:
I'm only saying this once so pay attention. It doesn't have to be dark when Fiona transforms! You know there's a short period after sunset that it's still light, and since Fiona transforms after sunset and not necessarily at night time, it makes perfect sense that she transformed when it was still light.
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stevie writes:
You are wrong, Diablo. Earlier in the movie there was something said along the lines of "When kissed by true love you will be revealed as your true self." Shrek was her true love so since he kissed her, she turned into her true ogre.
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Brian writes:
"By night one way, by day another, this shall be the norm Until you find love's first kiss, then, take love's true form."
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