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Independence Day - Marines Can Do Anything, I Guess
In the scene where Will Smith has crashed his fighter next to the alien fighter, he opens up the alien ship. An alien climbs out, and Smith levels him (it) with a haymaker. At this point, the alien is wearing its exo-skeleton armor.
Later, in Area 51, the scientists remove the alien's armor. It is now not so well-protected. However, it takes several shots from 9 mm. pistols to wound it, and several more to finish it off, indicating how tough the alien is.
I know Marines can do anything, but, really.
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Contributed By: Dennis Coslett on 01-01-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Joe writes:
Just because they shot at it doesn't mean they were kill shots. And always remember when in doubt empty the magazine.
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Ivanhoe writes:
You can knock a person out with one punch, but it still takes several shots from a 9mm to "finish someone off."
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SanXS writes:
I wondered about this myself but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. The alien was crawling out of a crashed spacecraft and was already hurt. It might not have taken much at all to knock it out...especially if the blow was to the head. I'm not so sure about the other part of the comment. The way I remember it, they fired shots at the alien through the glass but there was no indication that they actually HIT it.
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Even after the Alien gets shot through the glass the Marine still has to right up to it and put a few more rounds into it before it finally gives up the ghost. That's one resilient little bugger. I hope that when they get here I'll be able to take one out easier than that !
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gerbil writes:
In the book it says that he hit it's head on the side of the opening
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Stealth killer writes:
Before the shooting, they say there that the screen is NOT bullet-proof. so it will take one, two, maybe three shots to completely break it. After that, the alien goes down because of the shots. And if I'm not mistaken, there are sparks on the alien during the shoot-out.
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Kimbecause writes:
You may also remember when that crazy bloke that runs area 51 is showing the president the "freak show"that he says that the aliens are as fragile as humans.
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megadeus writes:
It is also possible that the alien was suffering some kind of shock and the punch to the head just served to magnify that. He did crash his space ship and open the hatch to an atmosphere he wasn't used to breathing, remember.
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OGRE writes:
It is not a marine that does that shooting at area 51 freak show. It happens to me a major of the United States Air Force
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