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Now and Then - Tarot Reading?
When Wilda Deen is reading the girls' tarot cards and then Samantha says:"We wanna find out how he died." When she turns over the card with all the swords (probably the seven of swords; i'm guessing.) on it, it doesn't mean murder it means financial difficulties and a rise in your career. No card in the deck really means MURDER. Come on people.
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Special Requirements: the movie and a bored person.
Contributed By: Ozma3412 on 01-01-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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LLij-aise writes:
Ok forget about the whole meaning of the cards for a minute and consider her reputation around town? Perhaps she is just a big con artist and doesn't know anything about Tarot cards. In other words maybe she was just giving the girls a line of bull to freak them out. Chrissy even says at one point "everybody knows she's a fake"
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chandlerx4 writes:
Well i think in this movie, no one really is focused on what the cards EXACTLY mean. In the movie, she tells them it means death, becuz any time any one sees a card with 7 swords stabbed in the back, is automatically gonna think death. and i think it's just symbolism. Stop analyzing it, its a movie.
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Fyreridr36 writes:
I don't know if any of you even really know much about tarot. I studied it a while back. The "death" card is the 10 of swords which means failure and disaster when upright, as it is in the movie. Also, the spread she used was the celtic cross, and each card's position in the spread means something, so this chick didn't know anything about tarot. These movie guys should do their research.
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Eric writes:
I've seen those commercials for Miss Cleo (about a hundred times) She uses the same card for different things I know I have seen that! So how do you know that when Janeane Garofalo is doing it in this movie its not towards something else. AND if it ONLY does mean career or whatever. Who cares anyways because its a movie its the closest they'd get!
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insano(Bum) writes:
So you're telling me that a bloody guy laying on the ground with a bunch of swords stabbed into his back does not mean death? Yeah right.
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xaraphim writes:
As a practitioner of tarot I was curious as to whether or not the cards read out as relevant to the movie. So I re-watched the scene and the cards could be interpreted as talking about the murder. And for the record the 7 of swords can refer to being "stabbed in the back" whether literally or figuretively. Tarot cards can mean whatever they tell you.
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kat_e_b writes:
Wasn't it a worry anyway that Dear Johnny actually was murdered, and quite possibly the tarot reader knew that anyway and didn't want to speak of it, like Sam's Grandmother??
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Ozma3412 writes:
Well, you obviously don't understand anything to do with divination (fortune telling.) And no, it doesn't mean death, because, like I said before, swords is a suit (like clubs or diamonds) and just because there were 7 swords in this guy's back does not mean death. Different cards have different meanings.
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