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Shrek - Evil Twins?
There are two cases of what must be twins in this movie..
1) When Shrek takes off on the Dragon, the Donkey is on the ground yelling at him that he hasn't had time to install seats yet. However, when Shrek and the dragon land at the castle, the Donkey is suddenly there riding in front of him? Since we never saw the donkey get on the Dragon, perhaps this is his evil twin? Hmmm.
2) In the ending wedding scene, the 3 blind mice are turned into blind horses for the carriage, however only seconds later are they seen back in mouse form dancing with the band (but wait it gets worse..) Then AGAIN they are seen as blind carriage horses. EVIL TWINS INDEED!
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-13-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Aquila writes:
Donkey jumped onto the Dragon's hand and she popped him onto her shoulder. As for the mice, the ones that were turned into horses were not the blind mice. If you look closely they are not wearing the sunglasses that the blind mice were. Besides, would you want to be in a carriage drawn by three blind horses?
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Evilmeteors writes:
I just went to see it this evening, and she picks up Donkey and then tosses him onto her back. Not a mistake.
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Lakesidegal writes:
As for the first item, the donkey climbed onto the dragons hand and was thrown onto her back and as for the second thing, the black things on the horses eyes are not the black glasses, they are called blinkers, so the horses cannot get spooked by anything on the sides of them. they are similar to what racehorses wear in races so they can only look straight ahead.
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*~diva~* writes:
The donkey climbs onto the dragon's hand-I saw that-and then her back I guess.
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Brian writes:
The Black things on the side of the horses heads are called blinders so the horses don't get spooked.
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gottago writes:
Acually, I think the blind mice thing is a slip up: in Shrek 3D, the two horses change into two of the blind mice when they're thrown of that cliff or whatever it was which, I think is quite odd!
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juju writes:
This is a fairy tale animated film. If a donkey can talk, then mice can appear anywhere or change into anything. No big deal
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Dave writes:
I thought it was the blind mice turned into horses. There's two horses with black eye things they put on horses, plus the carriageman wearing dark glasses. i'm thinking it's a slip. Ditto on Donkey getting on the dragon. Love the Neverending Story reference, by the way. does anyone know if there's a site that explains all the in-jokes? I'm guessing there's a lot more than the ones I got.
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