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Alice in Wonderland - Black and White Moment!
At the tea party, when the Mad Hatter smashes the Rabbit's watch, the entire scene goes black and white for that moment, and then in the next frame, it is in color again!
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Contributed By: HCH on 06-12-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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CricKet writes:
This part went black and white while the Mad Hatter smashed the watch merely to show the dismay from the Rabbit that his watch was now smashed.
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alexinwonderland writes:
Well, let's give some clarification to something that, apparently, baffles way too many of you. Whomever said this was done for dramatic effect is correct. Whomever hasn't seen it in their copy of Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" just wasn't paying attention. Now, just because they said it was done for "dramatic" effect doesn't mean this movie is a drama. come on, seriously now, can anyone think? This just means that it's meant to dramatize some aspect of the movie or scene, meaning that it's just emphasizing a moment of chaos. Hello! It's Alice in Wonderland--Everything in the movie is crazy, and all kinds of things are constantly added to reiterate this. Things are backwards, upside-down, and certainly silly! And, if you put any thought into this, it's clear that the animators of the movie just wanted to add to the confusion and spirit of the movie in a way that wasn't done before, and couldn't be done in a book-form of the story. -Alex
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xaraphim writes:
Yeah, that's what they call dramatic effect. It was done on purpose. Think about whether it was done for dramatic effect before you declare it a slip-up.
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almarae writes:
I always just thought they used the black and white scene to help represent how chaotic that scene was.
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Delila writes:
OK. I have never seen this part before but I am sure it is not an actual "slip-up". I'm sure it was there because like other people said just for effect. Because of this I know must go watch the movie and see. Plus the fact that this is Alice in Wonderland so you cant tell if something is supposed to happen or not, you know?!
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Magdalena writes:
Other people can see that? I always thought my tape just had that little black and white second in it because I recorded it off TV and something went wrong... wow!
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Mad Hatter Madness writes:
This isn't a mistake. Its merely to show the chaotic-ness of the scene
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Shemaryah writes:
This was definitely done for dramatic effect. I mean, how could that be a mistake?
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TomKarter writes:
I remember this as well. I have an older copy that was taped off of the Disney Channel back in the mid 80's. This may explain why Erin isn't able to see it, perhaps they changed the scene when it was re-released? I also agree w/ CricKet that it was visual symbolism when the watch is busted.
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Erin writes:
I don't know what copy of the movie you are watching but none that I have seen have turned black and white in that scene.
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Syera writes:
This one was in the copy I had when I was younger.
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