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Blade - Silver Bullet
Blade continually uses SILVER bullets on the vampires. But we all (should) know that SILVER bullets are used to kill werewolves, not vampires
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Special Requirements: the movie, and know your mythology
Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-01-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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miami_mambo_19 writes:
Apparently the person who doesn't believe that the bullets were chemically enhanced was in a world of their own while watching the movie. The screenwriter made it pretty clear that they were - when Blade says to the doctor, in the scene just before they enter the Japanese club (after following the blood bank cop) "The safety’s off, rounds already chambered. Silver hollow point filled with garlic. You aim for the head or the heart anything else is your ass." Like Blaze made the comment before: The writer has an artistic license to edit and change 'facts' (reason it's in quotes, is I don't think there are any set rules about what a vampire is affected by- every story is different) as long as the screen writer gets his point across. And I believe that Blade did a good job of informing us on what it had changed about what everyone expects.
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Andielion writes:
First, you don't see Blade melting the silver, so he could have already had the chemicals in the silver. Secondly, Jasper is corect about mythology and hollywood threoys being completly diferent. You should not have listed Mythology as a requierment to understand this slip up. You just have to be brain washed into beliving that all the glamorized stories that hollywood feeds us are true. You should have listed being niaeve as a requierment.
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Blaze writes:
In the mythos of this story, vampires are allergic to silver as a racial trait, according to the author. This is explained in the comic book that this movie is based on, but they don't address it well in the movie. I do believe, however, that somewhere in the movie dialogue Blade himself says that vampires are allergic to silver. Call it literary or artistic license, it's what the author decided upon.
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SanXS writes:
Let's assume that 'vampires' are fictional beings and therefore the mythos behind them can be altered to fit your interpretation. To call this a slipup, you must say that they established a rule and broke it. Which didn't happen. In the movie, it's well established that Vampires are alergic to silver AND Blade makes a point of explaining that what HE knows to be true does not always fit the established beliefs concerning vampire lore. Remember the line "Crosses don't do ****"...listen to the whole speech.
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Salem writes:
I just wanted to throw in that every book or movie I have ever seen shows vampires to be at least seriously if not fatally harmed by silver. I'm a big fan of vampires, so I've seen quite a bit.
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Damian Lowflower writes:
In the movie's mythos (which, as has been stated, is completely fictional and not subject to verification), vampires are allergic to garlic and silver, a compound of which was used as a sort of pepper spray and put into a spray gun.
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KenDaLL WoLf writes:
Each person has their views on how vampires are taken care of, k? Now, the person that made Blade (I have only seen it like once, so I don't know every little detail) wanted to be different in his theory, so he made it SILVER instead of WOOD.
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Jasper writes:
actually they explain that he doesnt use silver bullets but some chemically enhanced ones. And anyway what makes you an expert on vampires very few things that are commonly believed these days come from Hollywood and not from vampiric legends such as vampires dying in sunlight, this common misconception comes from the very early hollywood movie nosveratu in shich the vampire is killed in the end by exposure to sunlight something which is not talked about in any previous legends, well there is my rant.
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Harald writes:
How do you KNOW that vampires can take a silver bullet unharmed? I would like to see you prove it; let's meet at your local crypt, see if we find any vampires, and I'll shoot them with silver bullets. You stand by with the crucifix and holy water in case you are right!
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DistortedDreams writes:
And of course, we all KNOW everything about vampires, because they're so real. Lighten up, it's a fantasy.
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asylrecht writes:
chemically enhanced? after Whistler dies Blade has to make his own bullets. you can clearly see him pouring silver into the mold. there are no chemicals added.
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Mindbender writes:
So, Firebird, you're saying that it's "physically impossible" to shoot a silver bullet because they're too soft...softer than say...oh...LEAD?! Pretty much anything can be shot from a gun if you really want it to be.
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Firebird writes:
It is physically impossible to fire a silver bullet from a gun. The metal is too soft to be shot. They should consider the impossibilities.
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