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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - Now This Is Looney...
At the beginning of the scene, it distinctly says in a subtitle, "Hollywood, 1944". But watch the last scene closely, after the Judge has been dipped and a bunch of cartoon characters have gathered around.
Among these characters are Sylvester, Yosemite Sam, and Road Runner. However, Sylvester and Yosemite Sam were not created until 1945, and Road Runner in 1949. Also, the dance Bugs Bunny performs when "Smile, Darn Ya, Smile" plays at the end was not created until the 1947 cartoon "Slick Hare". And in the middle of the movie, Eddie Valiant falls victim to Tweety Bird's "This Widdle Piddy" gag. But Tweety is yellow, and in 1944 he wasn't drawn with feathers yet. He should have been pink.(But then again, can you blame Disney for totally screwing up the Looney Tunes?)
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Special Requirements: The movie, and a fairly good knowledge of Warner Bros. cartoon history.
Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-09-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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kyle writes:
The reason that they are there is because in that world, all of the toons existed at that time, but not all of them had been in their debut cartoons yet.
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DanaMac writes:
You have obviously missed the point of this movie! Toon Town was not just for toon actors, but also "Wanna-bes" and "Has-beens". Toons are like real people in this movie - I mean, would it surprise you to find out that even though Back to the Future premiered in 1985, Michael J Fox existed before then? Of course not, that's silly. And, he may have even said "Whoa, this is heavy" before the line was originally written for him in the movie. Any toon who was in this movie before he/she premiered on screen is just an actor waiting to be discovered - but since he happens to be a toon, he lives in the town with all the other toons that happen to be famous. For example, the penguins from Mary Poppins were in that movie, but Mary Poppins didn't come out until 1964. But they're not out of place, because they were waiting on their big break. All the toons that you've mentioned are just like the penguins; waiting for their chance at the big time.
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Jessica writes:
I just watched the movie yesterday and the caption says "Hollywood 1947", so Road Runner, Daffy Duck's "dethpicable" and maybe Tweety's color would be the only things out of place.
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DanaMac writes:
Of course your movie box doesn't say says Touchstone, right? Touchstone Pictures is a division of The Walt Disney Company devoted to producing films that would be unsuitable for release under the Disney label. It IS a Disney movie, just made under another another name.
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Twenty8 writes:
Appropriate, isn't it, that like real people, the penguins are working as waiters as they wait to be discovered?
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Little D writes:
Who framed Roger Rabbit wasn't done by Disney. I'm looking at the box, right now and it doesn't say anything about Disney. So much for blaming the mistakes on them.
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chelsea writes:
Tweety was created in 1942 but his name was Orson and he was pink, then in 1947 that was when tweety got his yellow plumage and met sylvestor for the first time ! daffy was created in 1937. Yosemite Sam was created in 1945 but characters that looked like him appeared in cartoons since 1943. and yes road runner and the coyote were created together in 1949, but as others have said they showed up there waiting to be recognized !!
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Brandon Pierce writes:
ALSO... you hear Daffy comment to Donald "You are dithpicable!" Daffy didn't start saying his now-famous catch phrase until the the 1951.
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