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Saving Private Ryan - Overkill
This one is in the scene where they capture the German after attacking the MG42 sandbag bunker with the radar station. Reiben (spelling?) prepares to shoot the German, pulling the slide on his BAR. However, Capt. Miller says to make him dig the graves. After the graves are dug, Reiben again pulls the slide, without any shots having being fired yet. Again, Miller intervenes. After Miller places the blindfold on the prisoner, Reiben prepares his BAR for firing a THIRD time. Wouldn't it be ready by now?
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Contributed By: BoShek on 06-02-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Davo100 writes:
We do not get an uninterrupted scene, ie there are periods of time not shown in the film (for example the actual digging of the graves). It is therefore entirely possible that the weapon was de-cocked and made safe during these periods. This is not necessarily a slip-up.
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joker-tango writes:
I think what BoShek is referring to is the actual cycling of the bolt in the BAR. This does a little more than make the weapon safe or unsafe. You'd be jacking live rounds out into the dirt with every pull. This seems to be a big thig with guns & movies. How many times does the average pump shotgun get pumped in preparation for killing the next wave of vampire aliens?
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carvell86 writes:
Soldiers unload their weapons in the field all the time to clean them, I've done it, dirty rifles don't fire. Also with the amount of rounds being spit out by the BAR it would need to be cleaned regularly. So right after a firefight in an area that is clear for the time being would be a good time to clean the weapon out so thats probably why he did that.
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Welshman writes:
I'd have to agree with the uninterrupted scene post. It takes quite a while for one person to dig as much as he did, it is VERY likely that the weapon was made safe for any number of reasons (i.e. Reiben needs to take a leak, inventory check, clean weapon etc)
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ShmodZilla writes:
SOmehow i dont picture any soldier unloading his weapon in middle of a war :) This mistake is a classic done in about every movie ever made.
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