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Star Trek: First Contact - No Lasers
There is the scene where Beverly Crusher is forced to use the Mark 1 EMH (Emergancy Medical Hologram) program. The shot where the Borg break through, and the camera changes to a point of view from a Borg, as "it" corners the "doctor" against a wall, while he is discussing the treatment for Borg pain associated with assimilation. Here's the slip up: The Borg have lasers attached to their headgear. (at least, all of the ones in this movie) But there is no reflection on the walls, or the doctor, or anywhere. Where is the laser reflection?
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Contributed By: SciFi_fan on 06-02-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Chooch writes:
First of all they're not lasers, they're probably some sort of scanning device. Second, although most Borg do, they don't all have these lights. Also, in the holodeck scene, the two Borg that enter turn on their light and scan the bouncer played by Ethan Phillips (Neelix). It's possible the Borg that went up to the EMH didn't turn their's on.
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SciFi_fan writes:
Yes, I realized that even in the movie, not all Borg have the "scanning" equipment on their heads. I realized that as soon as I sent this, but could not respond (becuase it wasn't up here) my correction. A little slip up of my own, I guess...
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Steven writes:
Some Borg do not have lasers
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