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Clueless - Don't Trust It but Use It Anyway
When Christian picks up Cher for the party and she gets in the car she uses the side mirror to see if her hair is okay. After Christian called on Thursday to say he was coming over Dionne and Cher are picking out clothes for Cher to wear. Dionne is taking Polaroids of Cher trying on the clothes and Cher says that she doesn't trust mirrors so she always takes Polaroids.
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Contributed By: willk on 05-31-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Vicki writes:
This is hardly a slip up. The reason a lot of people don't use mirrors when they're trying on clothes is because of lighting. Plus you see yourself differently through a mirror, and "pictures never lie." A quick hair check is totally different. And remember at the beginning of the movie she was sitting at her vanity and looking in the mirror also.
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skittles88 writes:
Mmmm... that's probably the dumbest one I've read yet. I mean, not to be rude or anything, but I don't think Cher carries a Polaroid in her purse... Christian either for that matter!
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nOtKnOwN writes:
mmmmmmm....maybe she knew she was going to go shopping and was carry so she could take one!!
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Kat writes:
I think that one was pretty dumb. There are plenty of reasons for that. trying on clothes is completely different than just fixing your hair really quick. and nobody ever said she carries a Polaroid everywhere, maybe she knew she was going to be trying on a lot of clothes so she brought one.
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tiggerdudette14 writes:
Also, she would not trust a mirror, 'cause mirrors make you look heavier. But mirrors won't do nothing to your hair, so she can check her hair in a mirror. That is NOT a slip-up!!!!
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Nikki writes:
It doesn't matter whether or not Cher carries a Polaroid everywhere- when Di was taking the pictures, they were in Cher's house, not at a store!
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SoSweet666 writes:
I don't think she would take a camera in her purse, nor would she even use it in public. The camera thing is probably only used at her home, when she is getting dressed. At home even when she does her hair she probably uses a mirror. I think she only uses a camera when checking an outfit.
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Anita writes:
I actually always noticed this too. Taking Polaroids is obviously supposed to signify how rich she is to only use them for getting an outfit picked out. However, looking in a mirror is obviously common. I did wonder though when she looked in the mirror in Christian's car why she would. She just left her house and surely she would have taken Polaroids of herself already. Plus the look she gave in the mirror really didn't help her to fix anything. I think they should have left the mirror look out to go along with the Polaroid thing. Good slip-up.
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