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Jurassic Park - Disappearing Ground
After the T-rex eats the goat and discovers the fence is turned off, she is walking on solid ground. T-rex walks through the fence between the cars. Later, T-rex returns to get Tim and pushes the overturned car, forcing Dr. Grant and the girl over the wall. Suddenly the spot where T-rex was standing is a huge drop off. Who moved the earth? A minor mistake also occurs when the baby raptor is hatching. The egg turning machine is holding the hatching egg from Dr. Grant's view, but a second later from Mr. Hammond's view, the turner is gone.
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Contributed By: Al on 12-27-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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John writes:
I agree with the original slip-up comment. In fact, the whole segment is weird. They originally approach the T-Rex paddock after exiting a tunnel, and the cement wall, fence, and goat are on their left. Later, they return there and the wall, fence and goat are on the right. The T-Rex comes through the fence between the vehicles, flips the lead one and tears off the tire on the rear driver's side, then pushes it over the wall - right where the goat was. The solid land has been replaced by a cliff. As the vehicle falls, it changes make/model (the running lights are different), and sometimes one of the lights is out, sometimes it isn't. When it hits the ground, the tire is still off, but when it falls on Grant and Timmy it's back on again. Ellie and the game warden show up - Ellie sees the 'jeep' at the bottom of the cliff, and manages to get down to it in seconds. Then she magically appears at the top of the cliff where they are chased by the T-Rex right toward where the tunnel should be, but it's gone. Very strange sequence. I will disagree with the comment about the egg-turner missing, though. It doesn't disappear - it just gets pushed out of the way. If you view the turner as being in the twelve o'clock position, Hammond is at three o'clock, so the egg-turner is on the left as the camera faces Hammond. Later in the scene you can see the egg-turner; it has just been moved back a bit from it's original position, which one of the technicians might easily have done.
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AJK writes:
Two things: 1) The "disappearing ground" is a 100% slip-up. 2) The "egg-turner" is also a 100% slip-up. From one angle, the mechanical arm is HOLDING the egg. In the next angle, the arm has GONE. Normally, this would be attributed to the unwritten rule that any 'cut' can indicate the passage of time, however in this case the continuous audio in the scene proves that no time has passed. AJK
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EricKoch writes:
I noticed that as well. If there was as much of a drop as we see when the truck is falling into the T-Rex pen, the people in the car wouldn't have been able to see to goat or much of anything from the cars and unless the T-Rex is able to scale massive concrete walls, it's also doubtful she would have been able to attack through the fence.
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Behad writes:
Sorry tuffy, but if it was the opposite side of the road, then the wire that Dr. Grant and the girl were hanging from would not have been available to them. That wire was part of the fence, so it had to be the same side of the road.
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Larske writes:
This is indeed a big mistake. The T-Rex breaks through the fences between the 2 cars and the goat is at the side of the car with the kids and the lawyer. Then later that same car is pushed over the cliff at that very same place. And the cliff is quite high because you see from a very high angle at the top of the tree, and as grant later climbs up the tree it's quite high. And then about that left side, right side thing. The time they come out a tunnel and the fence is on the left side indeed. Then because of the bad weather & storm, they return and off course the fence is then on the right side, obviously. Another remark, how did the cars turn ? Was there a turn to get back ? And they have turned because, the kids car is still the first car.
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Yeldarb writes:
Watch the video screens in the compound. The T-rex paddock is the center of the island. The group leaves first and comes back around, later in the day, near a different part of the compound. The T-rex doesn't eat the goat until much later than they put it out. I know that because if you watch when Muldoon and Ellie come back to find the jeeps, they ride off where the tunnel should be. So this can come to a rest
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snoitcelloc writes:
I agree that the T-Rrex paddock has the slope, but the T-Rex crashes through the fencing at the same point where the car is pushed over. Therefore, the slip up here is not a matter of the disappearing ground, but of a sliding hole in the gate.
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tuffy writes:
The ground did not "disappear". When Ellie and the game warden go back to get the grandchildren and are looking for the other jeep, the game warden is standing on the side of the road where the T-Rex pen and fence are..Ellie calls him over to the other side of the road where the jeep went down into the drop off.
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mcpdon writes:
If you watch when the Explorers first come up on the T-rex pen, there is no concrete barrier on the left side of the screen (opposite the fence). The disappearing ground theory stands.
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Immortality writes:
I agree with AJK. There is no time-lapse between the two scenes.
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Liz Champion writes:
Well, my comment is about a lack of jungle and foliage in one part of the movie near the T-Rex paddock. When the group has started out on the park tour, and they come up to the T-Rex paddock. The paddock is on the left side of the road, complete with the electrical fence and jungle. On the right side of the road, there is no foliage or jungle, just a large dirt area. However, after the vehicles stop, and the group is waiting for the T-Rex to show, if you look through the passenger windows of the waiting vehicles, you can clearly see jungle and foliage where there was none before. Another place where you can see this is later on in the movie, when the T-Rex is about to knock down the fence and attack the vehicles, and that lawyer dude decides to abandon the kids and run for cover. He runs off to the right side of the road, into the jungle and foliage, and hops into a bathroom. Where was the bathroom and jungle towards the beginning of the movie when they first started the tour? Magically growing plants and comode? I know it sounds stupid, but that part of the movie has always bothered me.
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j writes:
ok im here to end this is a slip up because in an inteviw with the stage manger i think she said that it turend into a drop from a flat surfece and waht she said was that what steven spillburg wants he gets becaus he wantd to make the car drop sequnce
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PMF writes:
That is pretty weird. For the sake of arguement, let's say Jurassic Park was real. They definetly would'nt have made the t-rex area with flat land and a sudden cliff that the t-rex could fall down and kill itself. And the cliff couldn't have been on the right side, and here's my reason. When the jeeps first go tho the t-rex area and it doesn't show up, you see that there is no more than a 7 foot space between the jeeps and the concrete barrier. Later when Grant is trying to get Tim out of the destroyed jeep, and Lex is screaming, you can see the same 7 foot space and the concrete barrier behind to the left of the jeep.
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Scott writes:
This post is all wrong. If you have read the original Koepp script, it says in the script that there is flat land and a steep drop right next to it. So, this post is inaccurate, that is not a slip up. Besides, you can see the drop off in the movie.
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Onri writes:
The T-rex pen is on the right side of the road and the sheer drop is on the left.
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TheJurassicParkAuthority writes:
The jeep falls off a cliff at the exact point that the T-rex breaks through the fence. This is an error. There is no argument, it's an error. Watch the movie and deal with it. The film has so many errors, look at for yet another list. Coupled with the poor acting, the continuity, factual, and effectual errors make this a substandard result of what could have been a very pleasing movie.
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