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Forrest Gump - Why Is There a Gap?
In the scene where Forest (Tom Hanks)is running away from the car full of hooligans that are chaing him down the road, there is a scene where the front bumper of the car nearly hits Forest, and therefore you would assume the car is right behind him. In the very next scene, however, there is suddenly a gap of about 10-15 metres between Forrest and the car !
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 12-27-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Tony writes:
That scene seemed to be intentional. It was there to show how fast Forrest really was.
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MikefrekinScott writes:
do you think the guys really wanted to run him over??? i dont think they wanted to kill him just because he was a dork...(i dont think he was..he ruled!!) but i think they went really close to scare him then cut him some slack...i dont think they wanted to kill him or anything..
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Marisol8029 writes:
That's not a slip up--that's a movie. It wasn't called "The Death of Forrest Gump." If it was reality, the car would have killed him in two seconds. There's no competition. If you want to see people realistically run over by cars, go to your local bar and ride home with someone who just got hammered.
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jen miller writes:
that's a movie thing. in almost every movie where someone's being chased by a car they can almost always just jump to the side to avoid getting hit, but they never do.
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jaeffe writes:
Also, why the heck didn't he jump out of the way instead of running directly in front of it? He had plenty of room!
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xcell writes:
Ok, this "slip-up" is very explainable, when forrest is running, he suddenly turns to his left, of course they are goin to keep following him, so they turn also, and because of the speed they wer going and because they were on a dirt road, the car went into a power slide, wich slowed the car to an almost complete stop, where as forrest was still running, wich would explain the distance.
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Link writes:
Its also applicable to car chases in all movies, how can a crappy old non-aerodynamic cop car keep up with a high powered sports car that is capable of blinding acceleration. Take MI2 for example, how does a diesel powered nissan patrol keep up with a 1000cc motor bike. Its just to add to the suspense
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