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X-Files, The - Bug Eater
This is in the episode with the carnival freaks. One of the freaks is a geek (a bug eating person). He tries to freak Skully out by eating a roach in front of her. Just before she walks away from him, she takes a roach and pops it into her mouth. When she does this you see a REALLY shocked Fox watching her. This is because she was supposed to palm the bug (not really eat it) but after several failed takes, she actually popped it into her mouth and freaked everyone out. The second she got off camera, she spit it out.
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Contributed By: kcuhC on 05-22-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Meg writes:
How did you know she was just supposed to palm it? Where did you find that out? But it's not really a slip up, no one messed up; she just did that because she felt like it.
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mistweave writes:
If you watch the DVD, they actually talk about this episode. And it WAS a real bug. There is an extra on the DVD in which they show the filming of that particular scene and after the director yells cut, everyone watching started clapping because Gillian had put the bug in her mouth. Gillian didn't actually eat it though, she just pretended to. I don't think this qualifies as a slip up, though, she just did what she had to do to get the scene done.
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scullygeek writes:
First of all, the episode is called, "Humbug". Secondly, the bug was a cricket. A special, and might i add, very expensive fake cricket was made (i believe, out of chocolate) for Gillian to eat. If you watch closely, when she sticks her hand into the jar, she goes towards the chocolate one (which you can see, quite clearly) , and then shifts her hand to a living cricket. She does indeed pop it into her mouth, and mocks chewing. David looks a little uncomfortable, and, once she can no longer stand having it in her mouth, Gillian runs off camera and spits it out. The whole crew begins to cheer. Just another day in the x-files.
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maggiethecat57 writes:
Yes, it was a REAL bug - Gillian has said so in many interveiws, and she really wouldn't have a reason to lie!! And it was a suprise, they had to stop filming after she did that b/c David wouldn't stop freaking out and laughing.
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kcuhC writes:
I learned this from an interview of some of the cast members.
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crawford writes:
Are you sure they didn't use a fake bug? I haven't seen this episode, but most TV shows and movies use fake bugs for scenes like this. Are you sure Fox wasn't suppose to be "acting"?
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