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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Hot/Cold Sand
In the part where Commander Sisko is inside the orb,he gets a fantasy/flashback thing to when he first meets his wife,Jennifer.
The story is:He was walking on the sand of the beach,and it burned his feet,so he ran unto a the nearest towel,and Jeniffer was lying on it.They met,and then walked down the beach.
What I don't get,though,is how the sand could change temprature!At the beginning,the sand was burning his feet.About a minute later,he and Jennifer were walking along,and the sand was suddenly cooled down!
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Special Requirements: A copy of the first episode,Emissary
Contributed By: Dylan Rush on 12-23-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Super_JT writes:
I think that he just didn't want to seem like a wuss in front of Jennifer! I mean he just met her, ya gotta make a good first impression. He wanted her to know that his feet are invincible! That's gotta impress her!
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Picard writes:
It's called love.
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bookjo writes:
When you stand still, the sand is really hot on your feet. If you are walking, it is not so bad. You can walk fairly comfortably.
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T-2000 writes:
Maybe the beach was in the UK, our weather seems to change from minute to minute ! :-)
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SciFi_fan writes:
I agree with (Bookjo?). It's why some people can walk across a path of burn hot coals and feel fine would think that they would be in pain, but it is because the fact that they are moving fast enough to not let each coal burn them that they can do it...If you stood still on the coals, though, you would have to have a VERY high tolerance for pain.
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andain writes:
Have you ever thought he might of done it deliberately, just to meet Jennifer?
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@ssKicker writes:
Maybe Sisko had just eaten a chicken korma, Cardassian style. So it would start to burn out his gut and get into his bloodstream and hit his foot. Then when he saw his wife he went stone cold (although you didn't notice) and thought,"What if she knows about Jadzia?!" and then thought that just faking everything and playing it cool would mean she wouldn't suspect a thing.
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