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Whose Line is it, Anyway? (US) - Africa
In the episode where they first do the African chants game, Drew Carey introduces the game and says that Africa was a country. The four guys playing quickly corrected him and made fun of him the rest of the episode.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 05-17-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Ashley Comet writes:
I thought this was sooooo funny! Luckily I had it taped in case i wanted to watch it again. It's like this Drew: Africa's a big country... Greg: It's also a big continent if you're a geographer! And in the 'Scenes from a hat: Title for Drew Carey's second book'... Colin: 'The difference between continents and countries' They poked fun at him the whole episode. I thought it was hilarious.
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Samantha writes: is that a slip-up? Yes, Drew does make a mistake...but they always make mistakes, that's what makes even funnier...and after Drew calls Africa a country Greg quickly responds with , "It's also a continent" all smart-alecky. Also, since they make more than one episode from one taping, there are also other episodes where they make fun of him still(about Africa) if you are a "Whoser" and noticed these things, they are quite hilarious!
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Jojo writes:
Sure, there are a lot of inside jokes on Who's Line: jokes about Canada and baldness (Poor Colin!), Melissa getting her dress lifted up by Wayne, and, on the song titles game, "Where have all the flowers gone?" "Oaklahoma". My favorite slip-up was when Drew was on the three-headed Broadway star and was supposed to make up a song one word at a time, and suddenly went into a really long line.
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Liz writes:
This isn't really a specific comment on the "Africa slip-up" but The whole show is one big "slip-up". I mean if you have no lines or anything to rehearse, how can you mess them up?
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MeandJustinB writes:
Like you said, they corrected him and then made fun of him for the rest of the game. This does not make it a slip-up. There are also times when Drew repeats himself and says they are doing a game that they just did. The guys correct that to. This slip-up is so fake.
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butterfly39 writes:
I hate to be redundant but I just had to comment on this. As an improv show, it is nearly impossible to find a true slipup. There are very few things that can possibly be a genuine slip-up if they don't have certain lines or anything.
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Diablo writes:
How is this a slip-up??? If No one corrected him or made no action towards his mistake, then id have to agree with you. But they do so your wrong.
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Junior writes:
That's not a slip-up. That was Drew Carey being dumb.
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BuckFutter writes:
It is improv, ok? It is kind of hard to have a slip up. Drew just said something wrong. like you never did? Jeez.
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