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Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Unlimited Ammo
In the scene where Arnie is shooting his way out of Cyberdyne Corp. with the chain Gun, the ammo to his right is quite clearly not feeding into the gun, yet the gun is still shooting! Even when the camera cuts several times, no ammo has been used.
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
Admittedly it's quite hard to see if its moving on a screenshot! c/o The Simonator
Admittedly it's quite hard to see if its moving on a screenshot! c/o The Simonator
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Special Requirements: The Movie, Stupid!!!
Contributed By: Stewart on 12-21-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Chopper Pilot writes:
Let’s get this straight once and for all. The M134 Minigun is fed linked 7.62mm ammo through a stainless steel flex chute. If you slow mo the DVD you can see the ammo moving through gap in the side of the chute. You can also see the spent brass being ejected from the bottom of the delinking/feeder assembly and the links being ejected from a port at the rear of the delinking/feeder. The M134 is light enough for one man to carry (I’ve done it). I believe that Arnold is actually carrying and firing blanks from this gun. But, if you fired live ammo it would even throw Arnold across the room. It used to push my 9000 pound Cobra backwards when fired from a hover. Now let’s straighten out that moron, Stiletto. Is he going for a record for the most incorrect facts in one paragraph?? 1. The minigun used in the movie is real. I’ve worked on them and used them for years. If it’s fake, it’s accurate down to every nut, bolt and screw. 2. There has never been a gas powered minigun. 3. There is only one kind of minigun. There are other kinds of multi barrel gattling guns, like the 20mm Vulcan or the 30mm GAU-8 Avenger. Only one minigun. 4. There were several versions of "Puff the magic Dragon", but all of them fired out the side of the aircraft while in a slow turn. Not backwards from the wings. 5. The helicopter mounted minigun used the aircraft electrical system for power, not truck batteries. 6. The cyclic rate of fire of the GAU-8 30mm cannon in the A10 is 3,900 round per minute not 17,000. 7. The M134 minigun in the Cobra has a burst limit of 6 seconds. At the normal rate of fire of 4000 rounds per minute (66 round per second), that’s a limit of 400 rounds per burst. The limit exists to protect the barrels from melting. (I fired to many bursts in a row one time. I have one of the melted barrels hanging on my wall as a souvenir). Stiletto, stop making up lies, your mother wouldn’t like it.
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AJK writes:
THE DOC said: "the type of weapon used in this clip cannot be held or carried by one man" Do you mean that the Chaingin is too heavy to be carried by one person? If so, may I remind you that he was a Terminator?
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Scolman writes:
Actually this isn't much of a slipup. Most chain gun's (Gatling, machine etc) have a ammo 'feed' on them to go from the ammo bag to the gun itself. The reason being the ammo chain has to be straight and in line so it can feed into the gun correctly. Otherwise you run the risk of jamming the gun and maybe killing yourself. It also means you don't need someone helping you feed the gun (like in all those WW2 movies where one person is firing and another person is feeding it) If you look closely in a few scenes (I've go the DVD, I don't know how it comes out on the VHS version) you can see the bullets feeding through the centre of the feed and in to the gun.
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
Yeah, how did the Wolventein guy, the Doom guy and the Quake 2 guy carry a chaingun, if it was so heavy? I also agree with AJK, hes a bloody Terminator!!!!!! These machines are designed to lift heavy things, he could toss a car if he wanted to. "A guy Arnie's size!" Bah! DOC, you are a loser! 1. Arnie is not small, I REAPEAT, HE IS NOT SMALL, he was a proffesional body builder for god's sake! I saw some earlier pics of him, hes huge, look at the film Conan the barbarian, you see his real size compared to his co-stars. He could lift weights you wouldnt believe! He is not a short muscular guy, he is a big muscular guy! 2. The Terminator is a machine, it was designed to lift any weapon. It could even over-turn a tank possibly. If the chaingun is sooooooo heavy, how can a person load it onto a tripod? He would need a fork-lift, or a crane to load it onto some kind of support. I dont see this convinient for battle situations. I just find that a load of bull. DOC, in that case, check the weapons site yourself. And as for the slipup, ok, the ammo belt isn't moving, they could have improved on that, but I never noticed that, it looked like it was moving to me! I may be wrong though, as 2 of you spotted it wasn't. Fair enough.
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Dr Strangelove writes:
going back to the ammo feed, the 'chain' that is not moving is not the ammo, but a cover that guides the ammo into the gun, as firing at 100 rounds a sec(!), any mis-alignment would be rather upsetting when the chain fragments and sprays you with bullets and chain link. This is what you can see, not the chain links
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Bobby writes:
The gun was a mini gun(listen to the chopper pilot) this gun was used by Jesse Ventura in Predator,and so did Kurt Russell in Soldier. they lifted it all alone. The ammo was going through the chain, into the firing breech, and out the 6 barrels, to me the gun was shooting way to slow. This is not a slip-up, its a mistake in the sound to me.
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LOAD TOAD writes:
Well...some of ya may get ticked...and some of ya may like hearn'n the truth of the matter. Either it is. The weapon in the photo is a GAU-2 7.62mm (.308 calibur)mini-gun. (A 6 barelled gatling style machine gun) They have been in use since the late '60s by the USAF on both helicopters and fixed wing gunships. The very early C-47 "Spooky" gunships carried 6 GAU-2's mounted on and protruding from the LEFT feusealge windows. They were remotley fired by the pilot from a switch panel just left of the yoke. Later, they were mounted on HH-3 Jolly Green Giant and HH-53 Super Jolly Green Giants. There were 3 onboard...left, right, and aft (door open and ramp down. These weapond were fired manualy. This was made possible by a twin-grip handle and trigger assembly attached to the cradle the weapon is mounted in. ALL GAU-2 and similar weapons are ELECTRICALY OPERATED. It reqires a 28 - 30 volt DC system just to get the barrels to spin emty! In addition, the GAU-2 will fire at variable rates from 900 to 6000 (yes....six thousand) RPM (rounds per minute) burst rate is recommended at 3000 max to aviod overheating. I hear they have since been mounted on H-1 Hueys but I've never seen it. H-1s carried M-60s in my day. Now a little damage control. The "chain gun" on a Cobra's chin is a 30mm weapon. So, sure it might shift the hove a little if ya winchestered the thing! If a 7.62 minigun is screw'n up your hover...back to the simulator good sir! GAU-2s weigh in at 130 lbs empty. GUN belts, ammo, mounts, handles, or electrical system. Sure you can cary one...then promptly put it back down! Load, power, aim, and fire one. ROFLMAO! Aint hapen'n! credentials: I was active duty Air Force from 78 to 83. 46270 Weapons Load Crew Chief. I was assigned to the 1550 FMS at Kirland AFB, NM where I loaded, unloaded, cleaned, test fired, cleaned again, and repaired more M-60s and GAU-2 minis than I care to remember! LOL I have been on more than a few gunnery missions and served as a tail gunner on an HH-53. I'm not out to burst anybody's bubble...just get some facts straingh. Happy to share what I know. Your tax dollars paid for it! LOL Enjoy! LOAD TOAD
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nomad762 writes:
What you're looking at, and what you're referring to as "not moving" is NOT the ammo itself. It's a feeder chute that leads from the ammo container to the weapon and guides the ammo belt. So, this isn't a slip-up.
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Larske writes:
Speaking about carrying a chaingun ? How the does the guy in DOOM carry his chaingun ? :-)
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scott writes:
Bobby, if the man was in the army, then the minigun and the helecopter would be a standard piece of weaponry.
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Scolman writes:
Hi, it's me again. I've found a great website that answers a pile of T2 questions The answer to this slipups is here. 5.18.1 When the Terminator was firing the big machine gun in the Cyberdyne lab, is the bullet belt moving or not? Kudos to Karsten A. Loepelmann. This backs up what I was saying previously
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500C writes:
During January 67, during the Tet offensive, in the central highlands near AnKhe, Viet Nam, I had the opportunity to watch "Puff" and another ship known as "Gun's A Go Go" for several engagements. It seemed like they flew in big slow circles (and I think I remember) the guns pointing towards the center of circle. I also thought I saw quite a few Huey gunships with mini guns and 40mm rocket pods mounted to the skids. I was a guest of the 1/7th Cav and we had more helo's than anybody else, over 3 hundred. At least thats what we were told. Our pilots had the biggest balls. Anyway, LOAD TOAD and CHOPPER PILOT, thanks, can't say how many time your skills saved the day but allot or many comes to mind. Wish Arnold was there with us...........
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Bobby writes:
Hey Chopper Pilot, where in the lords name did you get a mini gun? Just curious, because if you did, you would have to be a millionaire.
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MattMan writes:
hey chopper its nice to meet a guy who knows about guns
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Vietnam Veteran 6970 writes:
500C AND CHOPPER PILOT. You are right. Arnold could have never held the minigun he was using in the movie. I too was in Vietnam. Saigon and Pleiku 1969 and Pleiku and An Khe 1970 (4 th Infantry Division-DTOC-Div Tac Operation Center--4th Infantry took over the base from the 1 St Air Cav. and kept most of their helicopters. The Air Cav. was transferred north and south. 500C-the 4 th Infantry Div. is listed in the Guinness World Record Book with the largest helipad/heliport in history. In 1999 it had 450 helicopters listed as assigned to us at An Khe. I knew this because I worked at 4th Infantry Division Headquarters. Later changed to lesser amount because sappers blew up 22 choppers on the base. The miniguns were mounted on the left side of the planes (C-130 I remember) and during July thru October 1970, at An Khe, the gunship would make late night rounds, randomly, on the east side perimeter. They flew so slow, I it was hard to believe they could stay in the air. And since the guns were on the left, they flew the plane at an angle with the left wing tiled downward as to aim the guns. The guns firing tried to tilt the plane back up, causing it to fly level. The 3 guns only blasted for a few seconds at a time so not to heat the guns up. It looked like a sparkler going down to the ground and some tracers hitting other tracer rounds sending them in different, odd directions. And Arnold's minigun does not have the correct sound at all. Real miniguns, on a plane, sounds more to me like a high pitch hum (a stuck washing machine sound-a buzzing noise is what is really is) when the miniguns fire. And since they are far way sometimes. It takes time for the noise of the minigun to reach you. And the rate was 4,000 to 6,000 a minutes. And yes, the minigun does stop Cobra's cold when they are firing the miniguns. I watched 4 Cobra's run their miniguns and firing rocket pods, at the mountain area just the other side of An Khe one night. A beautiful show. Guess they used the Xenon spotlight on the mountain and saw 1 guy up there. At An Khe I saw many a deuce and a half trucks with a minigun (7.62's all of them) mounted in the back of the truck. And when they fired, they shook the heck out of that big truck. Just rattled it. As you know, we could scarf up anything we really wanted to buy. Even miniguns that belonged on a chopper. One truck had WAR WAGON written on it and several others with death wording written on them. Arnold could not have ever held a gun like this, and nobody else could on the MOVIE PREDATOR either. Arnold's minigun should have been bright burning red and in bad shape by the time he was firing all those round, and it wasn't. You see very few movies changing the barrels on an M-60. And that had to be done a lot. All electric guns, even the cannon located on top of the MP's V-100's would heat up and not work. Hope this helps everyone.
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Arthur writes:
Speaking about Gatlings:1.What is the reason of using the depleted uranium in GAU-8's bullets; 2.What is the reason and how the hell works the "dual hydraulic driving system" of the Avenger??? Noone(including General Electric,and later General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products-both producers of Gatling systems) ever answered my questions!!! Waiting. Arthur
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da "d" man writes:
i think this is a class 10 slipup because the first time i saw the movie this was the only slipup i saw.
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THE DOC writes:
the type of weapon used in this clip cannot be held or carried by one man let alone sombody of arnies size, find the specs of the weapon from any online web site (us) or any information source that has helecopter info on it. this gun is just TOO BIG for you son??
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Stiletto writes:
The minigun seen in the film is more or less a glorified chain saw. It is gas powered, with a to stroke engine, and the sole purpose of this engine is to turn the gattling barrels, and work the bullet chain through the action. The real weight of the mechanism is the ammo, which is roughly 100 punds, or so. The actual gun only weighs maybe 20-30 pounds. There are many other different kinds of mini-guns. The ones used in Vietnam (Called "Puff the magic Dragon") were mounted backwards on the wings of a c-130 Hercules, in pairs (4 total), and fired at the jungle as the plane flew over. There are electric mini-guns which are Helicopter mounted, which use 3 12 volt truck batteries to power the various high powered electric motors. These fire much more rapidly than the gas powered one. Then there is the a-10 thunderbolt (Wart-hog). This nose mounted electric cannon fires 17,000 rounds per minute, leaving the pilot with only 3 seconds of sustained fire. The benefit to an electric mini-gun is the control to fire 100, 500, or 1000 round bursts. The plane is sometimes described as being built around that gun. It is a true Tank killer.
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