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Dragonball Z - Gohan the Immortal
Watch the first episode of the Garlic Jr. Saga. Garlic says that he's been in the dead zone for ten years. But when he was sucked in there, Gohan was alive and he caused him to go in the dead zone. How could Gohan be alive then? If you've seen the Android/Cell saga, you know that they spent 3 years training before the androids showed up. After three years, Gohan was 10. Then he went into the time chamber, and he was 11. That means before the 3 years, he was only about 7. That means he must have been 7 or younger during the Garlic
Jr. saga. And Garlic said he'd been in the dead zone for 10 years. If that was so, then at that time Gohan would have been negative 3 years old!
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Contributed By: Chris on 05-10-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Pyro writes:
The dead zone works the same way as the hyperbolic time chamber. It dilates time. Garlic spent 10 years in the dead zone, but, to the people outside the dead zone, not nearly as much time would appear to have passed.
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Duo God of Death writes:
I know why this slip-up happened. FUNimation's crappy translating skills, they're always fudging up scenes.
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Selecta_D writes:
In the beginning of Dragonball when Gohan is first introduced, he tells Bulma that he's six. After Goku dies in the fight with Raditz, Gohan trains with Piccolo for a year. When Vegetta and Nappa arrive he's 7. After the battle is over they recouperate in the the hospital for a couple of monthes and spends another good couple of monthes in space looking for Namek. After Freeza is defeated they used the Namek Dragonballs to wish back Yamcha, Tien, Chaioutzu, and Krillin. Since it takes about a third of a year for the Namek dragonballs to regenerate and they used them twice it would make Gohan about 9 when Garlic arrives. About a year passes before Trunks kills Freeza and Goku returns, so Gohan is 10. Three years pass before Dr. Gero and #19 show up so Gohans now 13. And he spends a year in the room of Spirit & Time (or Hyperbolic Time Chamber according to FUNimation) so he's about 14 when he kills Cell.
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Tiger-Chan writes:
Gohan can't be 14 when he fights Cell. Piccolo even says something about Gohan being "a scared eleven year old boy". I don't know what happened; maybe there is some kind of alternate time in the Dead Zone.
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Chris writes:
Actually, Gohan is 11 when he beats Cell. Hence his "11th" birthday.
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SuperSaiyanSaotome writes:
The Dead Zone movie doesn't have anything to do with the Garlic saga. In the movie Garlic wished for immortality and was sucked in the dead zone. But during the Garlic saga he talks about being immortal only once. But in the Garlic saga, he says that his power is coming from the Namekian star. As always its one of FUNimations slip ups.
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Goku writes:
Actually Selecta_D He's right, cause in one of the episodes of the cell games, they actually say that he is 11 years old which is after the time chamber! (I re looked over it again considering that I have EVERY cut and un-cut version of DB, DBZ, DBZGT's shows and movies!)
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superboy650 writes:
Actually, the truth of the matter is that DBZ movies never correspond with the actual series. In the case of the Garlic Jr. Saga, as I have learned was a filler meaning it also had no relevance to the series. The Dead Zone Movie and Garlic Jr. Saga are both separate from the series.
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birdy writes:
The Dead zone does not warp time or freeze time. This is why: - If it froze time, he would not go in. This is because the minute he goes in, he would come back out. - It does not speed up time, in fact it was around 3 years when Gohan sent him into the dead zone. If you watch Dragonball or play any games, you would figure this out to. Garlic Jr appeared just before Dragonball Z!!!
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Wildjoker writes:
First of all, the Garlic Jr saga was never actually part of the original storyline in Dragonball. That's the main reason why none of this adds up. Gohan was not 14 in the Android Saga/Cell Games. He was more around 11 or 12 at the time. Second of all, in the manga, after the Namekian or "Frieza" saga (whom is known as 'Freezer' for you dubbies), where Goku/Gokou/Gokuh is left on the exploding Planet Namek, the story continues on over to the Android Saga, where Freezer returns from the so-called "dead" and invades Earth with his father. There was no 'in-between' these two parts of the story. In fact, Garlic Jr wasn't even a real character. He was invented by a separate team after Akira Toriyama had already finished the whole story. And third of all, the Garlic Jr saga should be ignored because it was NOT a part of the original storyline. The only reason, I suspect, the animators even put in the effort for this extra-confusing saga is most likely because they wanted to entertain their viewers at home with more action. Just like the Dragonball Z movies, the Garlic Jr saga is not supposed to make sense. Just ignore it, people.
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KnNghtmr writes:
I like how no one is right. When Gohan is first introduced, he is 4. He holds up four fingers, and he says he's 4. Raditz dies and less then a year later (the Saiya-jins arrive early) the Saiya-jins arrive. He's 4 or 5. Vegeta is beaten, and then Namek passes for less then a year. He's either 5 or 6. Three years pass for the android saga, and then he's either 8 or 9. Then he goes in the Room of Spirit and Time for 18 hours (less then a day, so he wasn't in there for a year). He comes out as either 9 or 10. In the manga, there's no birthday that he has to "seemingly" turn 11. Not to mention, it also says 7 years later, "A 16 year old Gohan." Plus, being in High School at age 18... well let's just say that it's uncommon.
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