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Mummy Returns, The - Amazing Disappearing... Foam
When O'Connell's house is invaded, he locates his brother Jonathan hiding in a bathtub with bubble bath. He steps out with foam on his clothes. They escape by jumping out a window into some bushes. When we see them next (a second, about, after jumping), Jonathan has no foam whatsoever on his clothes, and none is visible in the bushes. It's plausible that SOME may have rubbed off, but all of it? When it was all over?
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Contributed By: Sarah3264 on 05-10-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Sabrina writes:
His jacket was woolen, water doesn't show hardly @ all on wool. The foam would have come off very easily especially off wool. What I don't get it how was he under for so long b/c you would think that the bubbles above where he had doven in would have been parted, but he was completely covered...And another thing, if the family had just arrived home from being out of town, why was their bath tub full of water and presumably fresh bath bubbles?
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mayechild writes:
Jonathan was there with a woman who had her bra and nylons thrown all over the house. Who's to say they weren't the ones planning to go in the tub?
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Sarah writes:
Remember when he was in the house with that other lady and they were heading to the room where the weird looking lady and the scarey guys were keeping him in the chair? Well, right there was the bathroom. So he was PROBABLY taking her in there for a bubble bath.
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Ari writes:
lucid_images: Look a bit closer. Jonathan is very damp after the bathtub scene. His hair is slicked down to his head with moisture and as the other person said, his Jacket was wool, which is hard to tell when it's been touched by water or not. Point: Yes, Jonathan was wet. I dunno about the bubbles. But the movies are just too good to worry about small things like that.
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dking writes:
yea, foam DOSENT disintergrate, doesnt it
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tilly18 writes:
I noticed this when I first watched the movie because it is really obvious. I can only think of one explanation. 1. That as he jumped out the window the air dried him. 2. I think that may have been a stunt double jumping threw the window in which case they would be dry and by the time they went to continue with the actor who played John he was already dry (In which case this is most positively a slip-up!)
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lucid_images writes:
If you also notice after they jump out the window, Jonathan is dry, even his clothes seemed not to be touched by water
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